Australia as Country Most Troubled by Cold and Flu Sleep Loss

Australia as Country Most Troubled by Cold and Flu Sleep Loss

Australia as Country Most Troubled by Cold and Flu Sleep Loss

Whether one or all family members are suffering from a cold or flu, a recent survey suggests the whole household will feel the effects this season.

Vicks is the world's #1 cough and cold brand and is continuously striving to understand global trends and individual experiences associated with cold and flu around the world. In its fourth year, the Annual Vicks Global Cold and Flu Surveyi is designed to better understand the impact of the common cold and flu on individuals and identify global trends associated with this seasonal illness. The survey, which is the largest of its kind with 15,000 respondents in 15 countries, uncovers the ripple effect that one family member's cold or flu can have on the rest of the household in Australia.

As we head into the cold and flu season, Australia has been revealed as the country most concerned with symptoms affecting our ability to sleep at night. Reportedly, more than three quarters (78%) of us agree that a good night's sleep is the experience that makes you feel better when suffering from a cold or flu. This is easier said than done with over two thirds (68%) of Australians reporting that their ability to sleep well as being the aspect most negatively affected when suffering from the cold or flu with nearly half of Australians waking up as much as three to five times a night due to cold or flu symptoms.

As a nation, we report feeling annoyed and irritable when suffering from the cold or flu – with nearly half of us (48%) preferring to be left alone. In addition to this, Australians are less likely to join global trend of consulting a Doctor when suffering with symptoms of a cold and flu - preferring to seek information from a pharmacist when looking for treatment advice. From this, 61% of us opt for a cold or flu treatment that remedies multiple symptoms to help us get back on our feet.

When it comes to indicating how we get sick with the cold or flu, most of us point the finger at colleagues, with 43% blaming being in public places such as buses, trains and elevators and over a third accusing their children of being the germ-spreading culprits!

Additional findings from the survey:
July has been uncovered as the most likely time for Australians to experience cold and flu, suffering an average of two colds or flu a year.
Sleep-loss isn't the only factor playing on Australians minds when suffering with a cold or flu, with passing the cold or flu onto others (47%), ability to perform / complete work (45%) and having energy to wake up and get ready in the morning (36%) being other areas of concern
Multiple symptoms keep us up at night, with coughing topping the list (68%), followed by a runny nose (42%) and nasal congestion (35%)
75% of Aussies have reported suffering from a cold in the past 12 months, while 46% of us have suffered from the flu
Australians have reported to be more likely to fall sick with a cold or flu when under stress
In the past twelve months, 41% of us have gone to work while suffering with symptoms of a cold and flu due to employer pressures and expectations

Feel a cold coming on? Smother Vicks on the bottom of your feet and put socks on before bed! I swear the old wives tale works.
- Brooke