Aussies Embrace Halloween Spirit Like Never Before

Aussies Embrace Halloween Spirit Like Never Before

Aussies Embrace Halloween Spirit Like Never Before

Australians' interest in Halloween has nearly trebled over the last two years; with 49 per cent now intending to celebrate the occasion, compared to just 20 per cent in 2014*.

That's according to newly commissioned research from recycle superstore, Savers Australia**, which has revealed how Halloween is becoming increasingly popular among Aussies, with 23 per cent confirming their views have changed more favourably over the last few years.

The key reasons for this dramatic increase include people's love of Halloween's unique events and traditions (27 per cent) and because it provides a great excuse to dress up and go out (21 per cent).

Homeowners need not be too scared for the festivities this year, as children are opting for light-hearted costume choices of Superheroes (19 per cent) and Fairies (15 per cent); a trend seen in similarly commissioned research by Savers Australia in 2014.

Though, some streets can expect to see zombies (13 per cent), vampires (10 per cent) and more gory costumes, inspired by movies such as American Horror Story and Freddy Kruger (8 per cent).

For the adults, the theme of Horror and Superheros indexed highest; with women most inclined to adopt the Halloween excitement, by dressing up and appropriately decorating their home.

Consistent with findings in previous year's research, value for money is a priority for those getting involved in Halloween festivities. On average, people will spend a total of $91.67 per household, the majority of which will go towards decorations ($25.78) and trick-or-treating gifts ($20.40). Children's costumes are set to average $18.34 and adults slightly less at $16.55 per outfit.

Substantiating Halloween fever, Savers Australia Managing Director, Michael Fisher said the recycle superstore has already seen an increase in requests compared with previous years.

'Typically, across all nine of our stores, we see the madness start around two weeks prior to 31st October. This year already, we've received a vast number of Halloween-related requests," said Michael.

'Interestingly though, what we've found thus far is an extended length of time that parents and their children are spending on choosing their costume. We're delighted to again this year offer the services of our trained costume consultants to help piece together the outfit they have in mind," added Michael.

Savers Australia stores offer a wide range of both new and recycled costumes for adults and children, in addition to costume consultants who are trained to assist with pulling together the perfect Halloween look – no matter how scary. For further information, visit