Australia Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Australia Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Australia Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

Australia Zoo is thrilled to announce that at 12:15pm AEST on Tuesday May 10, our beloved Sally the giraffe welcomed her second baby – a precious female calf. This new addition is the fourth giraffe baby to be born at the Zoo in two years, with her sister Tulip and half-sisters Skye and Lily already gracing our African Savannah.


With a giraffe gestation period totalling 15 months, this long-awaited birth signifies the continuation of a successful giraffe breeding program at Australia Zoo as only 90,000 giraffes are believed to be left in the wild.


Australia Zoo's head of African animals, Manu Ludden is proud of 8 year old Sally and overjoyed about the birth of the new calf.


'We're thrilled to announce the birth of yet another beautiful, healthy baby giraffe! She was born measuring just under 2 metres in height and was eager to get going straight away! She took her first wobbly steps about an hour after being born and started feeding from her mother five minutes later," said Manu.


'Sally is being really attentive to her new baby which is a great sign and they're both doing very well health-wise.  All our giraffe are extremely sweet natured and are very relaxed around the new calf, but as with any family with a new baby, they are very inquisitive of our new addition," she said.


Our gorgeous new giraffe has been born just as Australia Zoo and Wildlife Warriors gear up to hold the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles, which is where her name will be chosen.


The Gala is held in honour of Steve's legacy and will raise much needed funds for the Wildlife Warriors charity, supporting conservation initiatives around the world including Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where giraffe are protected alongside critically endangered northern white rhinos, black rhinos, lions, elephants, zebra and more by K9 units, an armed ranger team and cutting edge anti-poaching drones.


Sally and her new baby will be taking some time out to bond behind the scenes, but Australia Zoo will keep everyone updated on when the little one can be seen on our African Savannah via our website and social media pages:


In the meantime, guests can visit the rest of our beautiful giraffe herd at Australia Zoo, or even book in for a giraffe encounter – with proceeds going directly to our wildlife conservation projects on the ground in Africa.