Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Therapeutic Alternatives to medicine (based upon touch)

There are many kinds of alternative therapies popping up which are said to help heal the body. This article is based on a short summary of a few of those therapies, which are fast becoming popular in healing many ailments, especially where western medicine has failed.


Bowen is a gentle, safe and relaxing technique that is said to heal many ailments. Bowen practitioners softly manipulate the muscle, tendons, and ligaments to allow the body to reset and heal itself. The convenient and cost saving thing about this therapy is that the client will normally only need to visit the practitioner three times in order to find relief from their problem. Future visits are sparse and sometimes not even necessary, if the complaint has resolved. Bowen is helpful for problems such as temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ), sciatica, headache, hormonal complaints, stress disorders, back pain, sports and accident injuries, along with many others conditions.


Hellerwork practitioners believe that the soft tissue and bones of the body become misaligned from illness, stress, or bad posture. The practitioner aims to realign the body, along with ridding the body of tension, and correcting the original problem that caused the misalignment. The treatment is carried out by the hellerworker through manipulating the body, as well as teaching you to move in a well-balanced way. It has been found to be quite effective for those suffering from generalized aches and pains, but especially for those pain's occurring in the neck and back, along with those who suffer from chronic headaches. It has also been used to correct digestive problems.


This is a holistic form of healing that is becoming more and more popular in the western word. The theory of this practice is based upon a vital energy force that circulates through the body. The healing of this technique focuses on restoring any imbalances of the energy flow within the body. Treatment consists of the practitioner using 'muscle testing' techniques to determine where the stress is residing in the body. This can enable the practitioner to correct these imbalances by using an ancient healing wisdom that incorporates physical, emotional and spiritual balance. These can include the use of acupressure, colour and sound therapy and flower essences. This therapy has been useful for problems such as emotional and physical stress, such as headache, depression, stress disorders, hormonal complaints, asthma, just to name a few.

Polarity therapy

This kind of therapy is based upon Western and Eastern approaches. It uses the idea that there is a form of energy that flows around the body from one pole to another. This energy flow may be negative, positive or neutral, flowing between energy centres known as charkas. This kind of therapy can be used for general health and a balance in energy. This is done through the use of four techniques, using touch and massage, awareness skills (this is done by talking through any issues worrying you), yoga-like stretches, and the use of dietary changes which will aid the individuals health.


Reiki is becoming a popular and widely used form of alternative therapy in where the therapist uses his / her hands to heal their client by transferring energy through specific hand positions over the body. The therapy is said to heal many problems from stress, headaches, generalized pain, to psychological problems. The therapy is based on the idea of universal energy. In fact the word Reiki means universal life energy. This energy is meant to have the ability to help restore the individual health through the use of this energy. The therapist does not use energy from themselves, but channels it from the universe and acts as what could almost be referred to as a conductor of energy to heal the individual.


The therapist practicing rolfing- called rolfers, compares the human body to a tower much like those of children's blocks, if one of these blocks is pushed out, it threatens the structure of the rest of the tower. This therapy helps those with poor posture, and those who are effected by posture related conditions. The rolfer uses their knuckles, palms, fingers and elbows to try and realign the body, by increasing the range of movement within the body's connective tissues and muscles. It is also helpful in increasing balance, and can also help with low vitality.

Therapeutic touch

Therapeutic touch is becoming more and more respected these days, and is in fact taught in some schools of nursing. It is based upon the belief that every human being has an energy force that extends outside the body. If this force becomes out of balance, or blocked, it can result in illness. Practitioners (and some nurses) attempt to correct these imbalances by passing their hands over the sick individual (with and without touch), and rebalancing this force.


The tragerwork practitioner uses the gentle use of manipulation of the body to promote relaxation. This therapy can aid in the conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, and migraine. This therapy is based upon the practitioner using his / her hands to find points of tension in the body. They then use a range of movements including gentle stretching, cradling and rocking to bring about a state of well being and relaxation.

- Louise Ganey