Acts of Kid-ness Advent Calendar

Acts of Kid-ness Advent Calendar

Camp Quality Advent Calendar

With just eight weeks until Christmas, new research has revealed that the majority of Aussie parents (91%) are looking for ways to show their children how to give back during the festive season*. Camp Quality, Australian children's cancer charity, has today launched a reverse Advent Calendar, The Acts of Kid-ness Advent Calendar, which does exactly that! 

In the lead up to Christmas, families will be able to celebrate by completing an Act of Kid-ness Card written by Camp Quality families, and will also be treated to a delicious Arnott's Tim Tam Bite each day. Wondering what -Kid-ness' is? Well, it's the joy kids have for being in the world, the way they give to others with all their hearts, their boundless curiosity, enthusiasm and ability to be in the moment.

Each Act of Kid-ness Card reminds kids that the festive season isn't just about what's in Santa's sleigh, but about gratitude and having fun with family. Perfect for Aussie parents looking for ways to show their children that Christmas is about giving, just as much as receiving (80%)*.

The Acts of Kid-ness Advent Calendar is now available to purchase for $29.95 from the newly launched Camp Quality online shop. All proceeds will directly support children and families impacted by cancer.

Kylea Tink, Camp Quality CEO, said 'At Camp Quality, we're lucky to be surrounded by inspiring families who complete Acts of Kid-ness every day. It's those families who have contributed the ideas for this unique calendar. '

'In the lead up to Christmas, we're asking Australian families to help Kid-ness thrive by purchasing the Acts of Kid-ness Advent Calendar. An act as simple as making a card, telling someone you love them, or taking a silly photo with your pets can help families reconnect, have fun and be in the moment at this special time of year."

The ultimate -Act of Kid-ness', Van Elst family story 

Last year Gabriel Van Elst saved his younger brother Ollie's life with a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia, chromosome 21 which is 1 to 2% of Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) cases. 

In December 2015, Ollie developed a grey look to his skin and his energy levels had deteriorated significantly. He was given a blood test immediately and the family waited nervously for the results to come back. The family were on their way to go Christmas shopping when they got the call.  

When Ollie fell into the high risk category, he needed to be treated more aggressively, for a longer period and with a more toxic chemo agent.  One year went by and just before Christmas in 2016, doctors advised that Ollie was in crucial need of a bone marrow transplant in order to stay alive. His brother Gabe was a compatible match and sat through a number of difficult conversations with doctors to chat through the transplant that gave him the chance to save his brother's life.


At just 11 year's old, Gabe matured immediately and said 'Yes, I'm going to do this."


Gabriel saved his brother's life. Along with a bond like no other, they now also share a second birthday, the day Ollie had the transplant.