Ladette to Lady ABC2

Ladette to Lady ABC2

Saturday, 13 October 2007 - 8:30PM

Ladette to Lady sets out to try and turn some loud-mouthed ladettes back into ladies in a boot camp of etiquette, manners and social graces.

In this funny yet revealing factual entertainment series, the chosen ladettes are given just two months of intensive training before they have to face a final challenge - can they pass themselves off as true ladies at a full-blown society ball surrounded by the elite of the elite?

Catfights, burnt souffles and drunken debauchery aside, one thing is certain, the girl who walks away with the prize will be a lady.

In episode two, two girls have already been sent home and the other ladettes now realise the pressure is really on. They are being judged on everything they do, and even the slightest slip-up may be held against them.

This week's main task is to prepare a gourmet dinner party for a number of eligible bachelors. The standards are very high, and with souffles and quail on the menu, the learning curve for all the girls is very steep.

As part of the preparation for the dinner party, the girls learn about wine tasting, and which wines and liquors should be served with which courses, food etc. While most of the girls perfect the art of swish and spit, for one ladette the temptation to swallow is just too much.

The girls hold a trial dinner party for the staff at Eggleston Hall. It's a complete disaster and the stress the girls are under starts to show.

Will the souffles rise on the night? And which of the ladette's will be sent home this week?

An RDF Production. Series Producer: Rod Williams. Executive Producer: Nick Shearman.