2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival

2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Gavin Roach proudly presents, as a part of the 2021 Melbourne Fringe Festival

Meat Market Stables Melbourne Fringe Season

A curated season of Queer artists and stories from across Australia.

This Fringe Festival Gavin Roach brings Melbourne audiences a cleverly curated season of Queer artists and stories at the iconic Meat Market Stables.

Running from the 30th of September to the 16th of October these premiere seasons come together to inspire and engage audiences with tales of trekking to the North Pole, being Lady Gaga's BFF, and locking yourself in a bathroom while you ponder life's great mysteries.

With six shows running for three weeks in one hub, there's something for everyone!

Daisy Moon Was Born This Way

By Emily Sheehan
Directed by Milly Cooper

Meet 14-year-old Daisy - a sequinned self-proclaimed lone wolf who lives in a small Australian coastal town. She is President and Founder of the Batemans Bay Little Monsters Fan Club, currently touting a membership of one. With a struggling mother and an absent father, her only friend and guiding light is Monster Mother Lady Gaga.

Dates: 30 Sept - 9 Oct
Times: Tues - Sat 6pm (100 mins + 10 min interval)
Tickets: $25

A Hundred Words For Snow by Tatty Hennessy

Rory's dad was an explorer. Well, not literally. Literally, he was a geography teacher. But deep inside she knows he was Bear Grylls, and when he dies suddenly in an accident Rory knows she needs to make one last expedition.

Dates: 30 Sept - 9 Oct
Times: Tues - Sat 8pm (80 mins no interval)
Tickets: $25

Meet Me at Dawn
By Zinnie Harris
Directed by Nescha Jelk

Two women wash up on a distant shore following a violent boating accident. Dazed by their experience they look for a path home, but they discover that this unfamiliar land is not what it seems.

Dates: 4 - 9 October
Times: Mon - Sat 9:45pm (60 mins no interval)
Tickets: $25

The Shy Manifesto by Michael Ross

17-year-old Callum is proud to be shy and he thinks you should be too - because what this noisy, crazy world needs right now is a bit more self-restraint. Okay?

Dates: 11 - 16 October
Times: Mon - Sat 6:30pm (70 mins no interval)
Tickets: $25

Run by Stephen Laughton

Encompassing a world that is sometimes real, sometimes imagined - Run is the fascinating story of gay Jewish teenager Yonni as his devoutly religious family prepare for the weekly shabbat.

Dates: 11 - 16 October
Times: Mon - Sat 8pm (70 mins no interval)
Tickets: $25

Bottom by Willy Hudson

Locked in his bathroom during a tragic third date, Willy asks, "Are you a Top or a Bottom?"

Dates: 11 - 16 October
Times: Mon - Sat 9:30pm (55 mins no interval)
Tickets: $25

Featuring a wonderful mix of emerging and established local and Adelaide-based artists, this exciting season includes multiple Victorian and Australian premiere shows and is a perfect example of the outstanding diversity and range of works on offer during the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Designed to delight.

This project is amplified by Melbourne Fringe as part of the Cash for Creatives Program.

30 September - 16 October, 2021
Tickets: $25
Bookings: (03) 9660 9666 and online via www.gavinroach.com
Venue: Meat Market Stables - 2 Wreckyn St, North Melbourne, VIC