2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival

2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival

The 2019 Spanish Film Festival presented by Palace welcomes Moro Olive Oil as principal partner for the national festival which celebrates cinema from Spain and Latin America.

The 22nd edition of the festival will be further enriched by the Cine Latino Film Festival sidebar, formerly a separate event in November.

The following five titles are highlights from the curated program of 32 films, which will screen from 16 April exclusively at Palace Cinemas.

Opening the festival around Australia will be the Best Film winner at the Goya Awards (Spanish Oscars) Champions (Campeones). This critically-acclaimed feel-good film by Javier Fesser smashed box office records in Spain and stars Javier Gutiérrez as Marco, an ambitious and arrogant basketball coach forced to train a team of people with disabilities.

From Mexico, comes The Good Girls (Las niñas bien). Directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella, this gorgeously mounted and beautifully played feature is at once a scathing and glamourous depiction of the wives of upper-class men in 1982 Mexico.

Argentinian comedy Super Crazy (Re loca) boasts a lead performance bursting with energy and charisma from actress Natalia Oreiro as a woman who takes a remedy that makes her unable to stop speaking her mind.

Catalan Goya Award-winning director Carlos Marqués-Marcet's The Days To Come (Els dies que vindran) expertly captures the complicated experiences of a new couple grappling with parenthood, in a film loaded with euphoria, heartbreak, and everything in between.

And Cannes regular Jamie Rosales returns with Petra, a complex, stunningly shot melodrama that mixes themes of parental responsibility, artistic authorship, sexual intrigue and revenge, boldly told and featuring outstanding performances.

The festival will take place nationally from 16 April to 26 May in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart and Byron Bay.

Sydney 16 Apr – 8 May: Palace Norton Street, Palace Verona & Palace Central.
Canberra 17 Apr – 8 May: Palace Electric Cinema.
Melbourne 18 Apr – 8 May: The Astor Theatre, Palace Cinema Como, Palace Brighton Bay, Palace Westgarth, The Kino and Palace Balwyn.
Adelaide 23 Apr – 15 May: Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas & Palace Nova Prospect Cinemas.
Perth 24 Apr – 15 May: Palace Cinema Paradiso.
Brisbane 24 Apr – 15 May: Palace James Street and Palace Barracks.
Hobart 2 May – 8 May: State Cinema.
Byron Bay 10 – 26 May: Palace Byron Bay

For updates and more information, visit www.spanishfilmfestival.com and join the mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: #SPANISHFILMFEST