Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit Interview

Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit Interview

Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit Interview

Zoë is well known for her expertise in beauty (outer beauty!), but recently she's been discussing healthy eating and snacking (inner beauty!). Zoë loves a good treat but is a believer in making the food you eat work for you and not feeling guilty after eating.

Interview with Zoë Foster Blake

Question: What are your top tips on feeling beautiful inside and out, especially during Winter?

Zoë Foster Blake: I treat winter as a golden ticket to being cosy and snug. You have permission to stay indoors and read or watch movies all weekend. You have permission to live on the same hearty stew for four days. It's the year's downtime, in my opinion, a time to regroup and regather before bursting into spring full of vitality and a thorough knowledge of every episode of Veep.

Question: What are your thoughts on cheat/earned meals?

Zoë Foster Blake: Big fan. It's pretty much what enables me to write my novels: the promise of pastries and coffee when I get to a check point. But everything in moderation. If I eat well and work hard and exercise most of the time, heck yes I am having fish and chips on Friday nights and croissants on Sundays.

Question: What are you loving most about Yoplait's new Bon Appetit?

Zoë Foster Blake: I am an old and loud fan of Greek yoghurt, the high protein, the convenience, the versatility... I think Bon Appetit has done an excellent job of getting the superthick texture and creaminess right. Also, the fact that the fruit is already in there makes life/snacking easier, and I am definitely pro that.

Question: What feedback has your family provided on Yoplait Bon Appetit?

Zoë Foster Blake: Well let's just say each time I go to the fridge to get one, all the passionfruit and mango ones have already been eaten.

Question: How do you stay healthy whilst having such a busy schedule?

Zoë Foster Blake: I'm a pretty simple eater with a fairly basic diet: Greek yoghurt, fruit, avocado, smoothies, eggs, fish, chicken, veges, oats… We have a Thermomix now which has become a game changer in terms of healthy, fast dinners. I make time to do at least 1-2 exercise classes a week to stay strong and fit and able to carry my enormous child.

Question: What tips do you have for other mums who are struggling to look after their own beauty and food regimes?

Zoë Foster Blake: Snack right every few hours (boiled eggs, nuts, cheese, fruit, yoghurt) so that you are genuinely fuelled for the day. I tried just running on coffee and protein bars but that just made me aggro and depleted.

Question: What's a typical days diet, for you?

Zoë Foster Blake: Porridge at around 7:30 with my baby, then toast with avo and a coffee around 10:30, some soup or a wrap or leftovers for lunch, a tub of Bon Appetit and crackers with peanut butter in the afternoon, nuts and crackers or veges with dip at around five, baked fish and sweet potato plus red wine for dinner, then some chocolate (obviously).

Question: How does food play an important part in feeling beautiful inside and out?

Zoë Foster Blake: When I eat right, I don't get the mad food moods, and am a happier, more productive, energetic and, uh, more sane woman.

Question: How has your diet changed over the years?

Zoë Foster Blake: It's cleaned up a lot. Being a single girl working in magazine land was not my healthiest time, nor was living in NYC with my gorgeous new boyfriend (now husband) in 2011 and eating my way through the city. I'd say wedding shredding probably kicked off a more healthy lifestyle, and happily, it's stuck.

Question: How does eating the right foods show in our skin?

Zoë Foster Blake: In the same way sleep does: obviously and instantly. Eat a lot of sugar, salt, booze, caffeine and processed food and your skin will let you know about it.

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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