Your Perspiration Prescription

Your Perspiration Prescription

Your Perspiration Prescription

With summer comes hot, sunny days and unfortunately, sweating. Humidity makes it worse. Sweat rash, chafing, persistent sweating on your face, body and feet leaves you feeling uncomfortable, sore and irritated. Combine that with activities that already make you nervous, or perspire excessively, and you are dripping buckets.


With sweating, and associated problems, especially in the hot Australian climate in mind, Neat Feat developed the world's first anti-perspirant deodorant for feet, followed by a complementary range to stop sweating from head to toe.


Formulated by New Zealand physicians, the Neat 3B Saver range includes BodySaver, FaceSaver, HandSaver and FootSaver that not only help with sweating, but also associated problems caused by sweating.


'These products were developed out of need," says Neat Feat Managing Direction, Ant Laity. 'If you go into any pharmacy you will find 100 products for solving underarm perspiration, and yet we perspire in all party of the body.


'Up until now there have been no solutions to perspiration issues in other parts of the body. The perspiration changes the PH on the skin surface and an environment for bacteria is created.


'If you reduce the perspiration, there is no opportunity for bacteria and the resulting minor infections it can cause."


From sweat rash and chafing (which can be a very serious health problem), to foot odour and clammy hands, these products will definitely help make your summer perspiration-free.


Neat 3B For You

3B Body Saver

3B Body Saver incorporates an effective antiperspirant in an emollient (to reduce the amount of sweat produced) and a soothing cream base for application to areas where skin surfaces rub together and become inflamed. This usually occurs between the buttocks, between the legs and beneath the breasts and under the arms.


It also helps prevent fungal infections such as tinea and interring, which tend to occur in these warm, moist areas of the body. A godsend that helps put an end to summer suffering.
RRP: $16.95


3B Face-saver

A soothing gel formulation that evaporates rapidly from the surface of the skin leaving the active, antiperspirant ingredient, as a thin film with an antiperspirant effect will last for several hours.

Face saver is best applied before makeup (it has also been found to be a brilliant primer so that's another bonus for women), moisturiser or sunscreen, which will also help those products remain on your skin for much longer, but may be applied at any time.

Simply apply to your forehead, the upper lip and the back of the neck. (Avoid eye area and scalp), and it should not be applied to the scalp).
RRP $16.95


3B HandSaver

HandSaver contains an antiperspirant active ingredient in a moisturising base that helps to prevent excessive hand perspiration. It leaves hands dry for up to 3 hours even after they have been washed. It is particularly helpful in social -meet and greet' situations, and other activities that require dry hands – golf, tennis, biking etc. Even the dreaded first date hand-holding!

RRP - $15.95


3B FootSaver

This brilliant product prevents excessive foot perspiration and eliminates foot odour. It also helps prevent nasty foot infections that are more prevalent in summer including tinea. It improves foot hygiene and foot comfort. The deodorant contains moisturising agents to prevent the feet from cracking, and the active ingredient aluminium is the most effective antiperspirant available.  Aluminium is safe and effective and it's even used as a filter for most town water systems. It is easy to use - just roll on your feet.

RRP - $12.95


The Neat 3B BodySaver products are available from over 3,800 leading pharmacies throughout Australia.


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