WOW Longreach 2021

WOW Longreach 2021

Welcome to WOW Western Queensland (Longreach) to be held on 2 & 3 July 2021, on the traditional land of the Iningai and Bidjara peoples. This has been planned in partnership with the women of Longreach, Red Ridge Interior Queensland and Longreach Regional Council.

Red Ridge will once again bring a WOW factor to celebrations by opening the event on the Friday night at Longreach Civic and Cultural Centre, presenting a Red Ridge the Label catwalk experience with the Diamantina and Georgina collections featuring artwork from Two Sisters Talking (Anpanuawa) Joyce Crombie, and (Aulpunda) Jean Barr Crombie.   A special feature will include a unique one off design representing a collection from artworks by local Longreach artists.   Coinciding with NAIDOC Week celebrations a collection of wearable art about the cosmos will echo the last years NAIDOC theme "Always was, Always will be".

Saturday will feature a full day of WOW events located at the Centre including a day long market place of women led businesses and local services, conversations and interviews with leading Queensland women including Australia's Former Governor General the Hon Quentin Bryce and Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young, workshops, a performance from Central Western Music Makers and leading into the evening the opportunity to meet new friends and share your hopes and aspirations with others in WOW Speedmentoring

Saturday night will finish with a bang, with a show that will leave you laughing for days. The Country Witches Association is what happens when Aussie comedian Mandy Nolan and Irish singer songwriter Áine Tyrrell mix genres and politics to create a diabolically funny, inclusive, politically robust, deeply introspective and wildly outrageous call to arms. Paying homage to the women of the CWA, the two acknowledge the work and energy of those tireless women, but note that they are girls more likely to cause trouble than bake cakes! 

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