World Arthritis Day

As we approach World Arthritis Day on 12 October, pet owners are urged to look to their furry friends and increase their awareness around arthritis, which can cause crippling pain for their canine companions.

According to a recent report, there are 25 million pets in Australia in about 63% of the nation's homes. This includes more than four million dogs and alarmingly around one in five of these – young or old – will experience canine arthritis and joint pain. Many owners are unaware of the symptoms and mistakenly believe their dog is just getting old.

As such, pet-owners are being encouraged by media veterinarian, Dr Katrina Warren, to take action this World Arthritis Day. There are many things that can be done to them feel more comfortable and improve their quality of life including moderating  exercise, avoiding stairs, weight management, medication and natural supplements containing rosehip.