Wil Anderson 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival Review

Wil Anderson 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival Review

Wil Anderson 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Review

For world class comedy that is intelligent, current and engaging, you can't look past Wil Anderson.
When Wil's not hosting ABC TV's Gruen Transfer or Gruen Planet, he's touring both here and abroad, headlining shows in the UK, Ireland, NZ and the US (that's last year alone).

2011 saw his AFI-award winning show The Gruen Transfer continue to dominate the ratings, but it was in the arena of his true love, stand-up comedy, where he really made his mark on the world stage.

In 2011 Wil shared the stage with Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, Louis CK, Daniel Tosh, Stephen Fry and Alan Davies, culminating when none other than John Cleese named him as one of comedy's hottest acts.

Wil returns to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2012 with a brand new, razor sharp, suitably named show - Wilarious. This is his 17th offering and it's bound to be a ripper.

With a sold out tour across Australia in 2011 this is one show not to miss.
Review: I've never attended the Melbourne Comedy Festival before, actually come to think of it I've never been to a stand-up comedy show and after seeing Wilarious I have already purchased tickets to another comedy show because I enjoyed it so, so much!

Wil's laughter, voice and the atmosphere of the Comedy Theatre is infectious and enables Wil to have his audience in fits of giggles just by hilariously repeating a joke told by his five year old nephew or explaining his latest experience of a medical checkup. Wil even has audiences laughing when describing his thoughts surrounding the recent diagnoses of a serious medical illness.

I'm not going to lie, Wil is still offensive and he mixes his regular themes of gay rights, vegetarianism, racism and being mistake for Adam Hills into this one hour set where I was thoroughly entertained with no props and no set - just Wil Anderson and a microphone.

What I was most surprised at was during the comedy act, Wil preached "be the change you want to see in the world"; he is able to prompt audiences to be a better person whilst still being hilarious or Wilarious!

Wil tells it how it is in this fast-paced, honest and awkwardly unique comedy show; there is no question as to why this is Wil Anderson's 17th show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.
Wilarious is exactly that hilarious Wil Anderson!
-Brooke Hunter

Comedy Theatre: 240 Exhibition St, Melbourne
Date: Tuesday 27th of March - Sunday 15th of April
Time: Tuesday - Saturday 8:45pm, Sunday 6:15pm
Ticket Prices: Tuesdays $28, Conc./Laugh Pack $30, Full/All Fri Tix $36, All Sat Tix $40
Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au or Ticketmaster 1300 660 013.