When I Get A Minute

When I Get A Minute

When I Get A Minute

A culture show hosted by Leigh Sales & Annabel Crabb - exclusive to ABC iview every Friday for 8 weeks, starting tomorrow.


When I Get A Minute (#WIGAM) is a review series for the very busy, hosted by two of Australia's most time-poor media personalities – Leigh Sales (7.30) and Annabel Crabb (Kitchen Cabinet, Canberra al Desko).


Every Friday, for eight weeks exclusively on iview, Sales and Crabb will bring you an occasionally shambolic conversation about books, movies, TV shows, cooking and other cultural obsessions.


When I Get A Minute – a new show about culture, friendship and the constant quest to be better at both. Starts tomorrow on iview.

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Catch a new episode of #WIGAM every Friday on iview for the next eight weeks: iview.abc.net.au