Modern Sun Habits Led To Vitamin D Epidemic

Modern Sun Habits Led To Vitamin D Epidemic

30% of Australians are Vitamin D Deficient

One of the foremost experts in Vitamin D research, Dr Michael Holick (director of the Boston University Medical Centre, Bone Health Care Clinic and the Heliotherapy, Light, and Skin Research Centre) has revealed that over 30% of Australians are Vitamin D deficient.


Many Australians are unaware that vitamin D deficiency can lead to many chronic illnesses such as  cancers (including melanoma), MS, Diabetes, obesity, depression, mental illness and flu's. Alternatively, optimal vitamin D status is associated with a decreased risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers, thus making it vital that we get our daily dose of the sunshine Vitamin.


Even in a country where the sun is plentiful, Australian's lifestyle habits, including use of broad spectrum sun block, the tendency to limit sun exposure to avoid sun burn/skin cancer and a diet lacking in adequate Vitamin D has led to a startling nationwide epidemic.


To help combat the nation and worldwide epidemic developing game-changing Australian brand SOLAR D have released a range of sunscreen products that enhance the capacity of the body to produce vitamin D.


Research has found that the now TGA approved UVB filtering formulation is up to 50% more efficient in producing vitamin D when compared to other mainstream brands of sunscreen (that completely block both UVA & UVB rays) as it is designed with compositions that optimise sunlight filtering for Vitamin D production while helping to prevent sunburn.

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