Vaping Ban to Take Effect

Faceless Bureaucrats Announce Vaping Ban to Take Effect


Legalise Vaping Australia (LVA) has labelled bureaucrats within the TGA and the Federal Health Department as "nothing more than unelected, faceless pencil pushers who have today consigned hundreds of thousands of Aussie vapers and 3 million smokers to a death sentence."

This comes after Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)  announced a crackdown on those importing vaping products for personal use into the country, with or without a prescription. From July 1 Border force will be stepping up enforcement activities and targeting vapers.


"Smokers in Australia have been denied access to a proven harm reduction tool and vapers in Australia have yet again been dealt a potentially fatal blow which will see many of the 300,000 strong vaping community go back to smoking cigarettes. How the TGA or the Health Department could think this is good for public health beggars belief. There must be something in the water around Canberra that makes bureaucrats lose all sense of logic and empathy." said Brian Marlow, Campaign Director for Legalise Vaping Australia


"Cigarettes are  freely available and do not require a prescription to obtain, yet the Federal Government seems intent on protecting the sale of these products despite them killing 21,000 Australians every single year. Not to mention the countless friends and family members dead smokers leave behind."


Under this new regulatory framework, vapers will have to visit a GP, obtain a prescription and then obtain their vaping liquids from an approved medical dispensary.


"This will drive up the medicare costs, and screw over regional and rural smokers and vapers who aren't able to see a doctor as easily as these inner city policy makers can. Smoking rates in rural and regional areas are already through the roof, this will only make matters worse."

"Given the weight of overwhelming evidence in relation to the less harmful nature of vaping products, the only logical thing to do is appropriately legislate these products as a consumer good with all of the relevant protections that come with that. The current regulations to take effect in July are absolutely abysmal"


Legalise Vaping Australia is calling on the Australian Vaping Community, affected vape shops and supportive MPs to stand up against this regulation.


"We need all MPs to be aware of just how important this issue is. Lives depend on it. There are no excuses anymore"