As more and more of us get used to spending more and more time at home, food, wine, and wanderlust are becoming key tools to help pass the time - and stay positive.

Completely aligned to our new normal, one of Netflix's latest projects, Uncorked, will be released this week.

Filmed entirely in Memphis, Uncorked provides the perfect temporary escapism for lovers of wine, food, and travel, and follows a young man who is torn between his own dream of becoming a master sommelier and his father's dream for him to take over the family barbecue restaurant.

With something to delight everyone, Uncorked will see wine lovers get lost in the abundance of wine references, tastings, and visuals; food lovers will be inspired to cook up some southern style BBQ; and those who are itching to travel again asap will no doubt be planning a trip to Memphis after sighting iconic locations throughout the film.

Uncorked is scheduled to launch 27 March (US time).