Trust Me, I'm A Doctor Season 7

Trust Me, I'm A Doctor Season 7

Dr Michael Mosley Returns to SBS

World renowned documentary presenter Michael Mosley is back on SBS in 2018 to demystify, or confirm, some of the most controversial and complex trends in modern medicine with a brand new series of his international hit series Trust Me, I'm a Doctor.


Kicking off with a mental health special in the first episode, Mosley explores philosophy of the moment, mindfulness, by running experiments on how to beat stress; do yoga and gardening really work? Mosley and the team dig deep on many aspects of mental health, also looking at the impacts of sleep, laughing and food on the wellness of our minds.


Dr Mosley and his team of experts, GP Dr Zoe Williams, psychiatrist Dr Alain Gregoire, geneticist Dr Giles Yeo and surgeon Gabriel Weston, aren't afraid to ask the big, provocative questions in order to get to the bottom of highly debated issues affecting humans all around the world today.


Episode two sees Mosley tackle beverages, asking whether or not fizzy drinks make people eat more and if caffeine boosts physical performance. In addition, resident surgeon Gabriel Weston discovers an artificial pancreas that could transform the lives of people living with diabetes.


Coconut oil is touted by many in the health and beauty industry as a magic cure-all ingredient, so in episode three, Dr Mosley tests the claim that it can cut cholesterol. Also, the team looks at whether or not you can eat too much fruit and, with our aging population, how the eyes can be used to cope with age-related hearing loss.


Finally, is eating carbs at night bad for you? That's the question Mosley wants answered, as well as, being a frequent traveller, how to minimise the effects of jet lag. Episode four also uncovers how to recognise post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and an innovative magnetic technology helping cancer surgeons in their work.


Once again, Michael Mosley fronts a brand new inspiring season of one of the most fascinating and well-researched factual programs on television.


Trust Me, I'm a Doctor season 7 airs Mondays at 8.30pm starting February 5