Tree of Strings

Tree of Strings

Cloudehill Gardens is hosting a series of family-friendly summer events, marrying music and theatre in the intimate surrounds of Cloudehill's magnificent Green Theatre.

Saturday, February 22nd, Evergreen Ensemble will perform 'Tree of Strings' in recital. Offering an evocative program of Irish music, both baroque and traditional, played by one of Victoria's most innovative chamber ensembles. Shane Lestideau and her musicians will also be joined by singer/harpist Claire Patti because, after all, is it even possible to properly explore the music of Ireland without a harp?

Having previously explored the music of Scandinavia and Scotland and Brittany (North-West France) in previous visits to Cloudehill, Evergreen Ensemble have been working on their new program 'Tree of Strings' themed around the music of Ireland. Picnicers will also be greeted by the old Irish tradition of a ragtree - the custom of hanging rags on trees is particularly strong among Ireland's Traveller community, an indigenous minority of nomadic people. Usually, the rags are placed there by people who believe that if a piece of clothing from someone who is ill or has a problem of any kind, is hung from the tree the problem or illness will disappear as the rag rots away. Sometimes the rag represents a wish or aspiration which will come to pass as the rag rots.

Come along to fully grasp the significance of the 'Tree of Strings' program and Irish tradition, in what's sure to be another stunning night of music with the much loved Evergreen Ensemble.

Sat March 7th & Sunday, March 8th. OZACT presents "The Twelfth Night".Selling out shows across the state on their current tour, Ozact delivers hilarious confusion and rollicking laughs in this brilliant Shakespeare comedy, from its unforgettable first line to its deliriously comic conclusion. Twelfth Night is a moving kaleidoscope of mistaken identities, larger than life characters, highly charged situations, swashbuckling duels and flashing wit. Orsino loves Olivia (who won't give him the time of day). Olivia loves Viola (whom she thinks is a boy), Viola loves Orsino (who doesn't know she's a girl). Malvolio loves himself (of course), and Sir Andrew, Sir Toby and Maria love life to the fullest (and its most outrageous).

Grab your picnic rug, fold-up chair and all your friends and stroll amongst a maze of gardens in the soft evening light, Take in the summer flowering borders at their most floriferous and enjoy music and theatre at it's best, in the intimate surrounds of Cloudehill's magnificent Green Theatre.

Saturday March 7th & Sunday, March 8th
5.00pm - 8.00pm
Tickets on sale now!