Thrilled by Product Placement on True Blood

Thrilled by Product Placement on True Blood

Thrilled by Product Placement on True Blood

Top-quality, smooth wooden survey stakes, to mark the project and line up the roads, are what any construction company needs when it starts a project. The Founders of BlackBat Stakes knew this and set out to make the strongest, straightest, best stakes in the U.S. and Canada.

That achievement was thrilling but what thrilled them further was when HBO's 'True Blood" saw the product asked about BlackBat Trueline Stakes placement on their show. Would the company work with the popular series about vampires and supply their product to the set?

'BlackBat's success in the industry hasn't surprised us, because we use such high quality material, and work hard to produce the best product," said Howard Bagby, President of BlackBat Trueline Stakes. 'What amazed us however was how the entertainment industry recognized a quality product in real life and has been able to find a niche for it on such an in-demand television show."

The maker of the best-in-class construction stakes for builders in the United States and Canada, BlackBat Trueline Stakes, can now be seen on HBO's hit vampire show 'True Blood." By exclusively offering its stakes to 'True Blood," BlackBat is poised to capture the attention of an entirely new market and reach out to new potential customers who might not already know about the quality of BlackBat Trueline Stakes.

HBO's highest-rated show since 'The Sopranos," 'True Blood" began its fifth season in June with the story revolving around the co-existence of vampires and humans in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. 'True Blood" is based on the novel series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries, by author Charlaine Harris.

Working with C3B Hollywood ( to place the stakes on 'True Blood," BlackBat cooperated with the filming crews to make the stakes more showbiz friendly by staining and polishing the product and making it fit within the high-end retail fantasy market for vampire slaying equipment. C3B Hollywood also built several props and displays for the set to use, giving a fresh example of how the hands-on product placement firm cooperates closely with producers and set builders across the television and movie industries.

BlackBat Trueline Stakes uses the latest cutting technology and top lumber to make the strongest wooden stakes for the construction industry. 'These industry-leading stakes are stronger, more durable and more reliable for field use than any other stake on the market", said General Manager Bob Reeves. 'Other companies develop construction supply and survey stakes, but they use scrap wood, leading to breakage rates of 25-40 percent. BlackBat uses top grade A-1 pine and hardwood lumber for strong and true straight lines that surveyors need." That means fewer breaks and more time getting the job done rather than replacing broken stakes. Less than 5 percent of BlackBat stakes break when driven into the ground. BlackBat's high-capacity saws allow the company to make up to 12,000 stakes an hour.

'We're thrilled with the reaction, both inside the construction industry and in the television production field," Bagby said. 'BlackBat is a natural fit on -True Blood' and we think this will help us reach new audiences and consumers. If they need quality materials to do the job " whether it's staking an interstate pipeline or a vampire " BlackBat can get the job done!"

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