The Skinner Boys

The Skinner Boys

The Skinner Boys 

New episodes of The Skinner Boys will start during Kids' WB on Sunday, April 5 at 7.30am on GO!


The 26 x 30 minute comedy adventure series for 8-12year olds from Australia's SLR Productions is an original concept by Australian Artist, Steve Lyons.  


World explorer Augustus Skinner has died!  Now, his three young teen grandsons have inherited the big, old Skinner mansion and its contents.  But Grandfather Skinner also left them a big surprise - the Skinner Boys are now Guardians of the Lost Secrets... a collection of unique artefacts across the world that possess incredible powers.


An even bigger surprise is in store!  Grandpa Skinner also appointed a fourth Guardian, their feisty teenage cousin Tara.  And as these boys know almost nothing about girls – she's probably their biggest challenge of all and vice-versa.


As the anonymous Guardians of these artefacts, Tara and the boys must dedicate their lives to protecting them against the forces that would use their powers for evil and endanger the planet. In the wrong hands, the Rixa Ruby, which has the power to create great conflict or harmony, could give its owner the power to start wars.  Or the Drums of Doom, which when played in the right order could hypnotise the whole world via computers.  This is the legacy of Grandpa Skinner.


But these unsuspecting kids have a secret weapon – their youth.  Nobody would ever guess that four goof-ball teens would be capable of outsmarting the powerfully evil Shadowy League and protecting the world. It's like handing the keys to the world to an erratic teenager.  Times four!


The series has been produced by broadcast partners Nine Network Australia and SRTL along with partners, Telegael, Top Draw Animation and Home Plate Entertainment.  The series will be distributed locally and in New Zealand by SLR Productions with international distribution through ZDFE.