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The Natural Family Co

The Natural Family Co (NFco) has launched a new Natural Oral Care range featuring toothpaste and toothbrushes. The Australian company was developed by the founders of Jack N' Jill Natural Care, a trusted leader in children's natural oral care for over 40 years. The new NFco range is designed for use by the whole family.


Natural products are driving overall growth in the oral care category as people search for effective products that don't rely on artificial chemicals, sweeteners and exaggerated promises. NFco toothpaste is a foaming gel formula that delivers cavity protection from Xylitol and a clean feeling mouth from the fresh taste of Australian Native River Mint.


Developed initially for health and specialty retailers, NFco toothpastes are available in four varieties Original, Whitening, Sensitive and Propolis & Myrrh. Made in Australia the NFco toothpastes are free from fluoride, SLS, Parabens and harsh chemicals. All ingredients are naturally sourced and are not tested on animals. The carefully designed packaging is biodegradable, compostable and earth-friendly.


The Bio Toothbrush is made from Non-GMO Cornstarch and comes in four colour variants, which compliments the toothpaste. With an innovative stand-alone resin base that miraculously balances the brush, these biodegradable toothbrushes make a statement in any bathroom. Now with NFco, people can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and help preserve the planet through the simple, daily ritual of brushing their teeth!


"We are always looking for new ways to work with nature and use the best it has to offer to create great effective products. We hope that our new range will get people to think about their oral care habits in a more wholistic way and realize that this simple switch can be good for them, their families and their world!" says Rachel Bernhaut, Co-founder of NFco.


NFco (The Natural Family Co.)


Justin and Rachel Bernhaut developed NFco in response to a desperate cry from many people looking for natural toothpaste that they could use daily, without the novelty ingredients and without the challenge. They shared their pain, and throughout the years they have encountered many options that were simply unacceptable i.e. tasted like floor cleaner or had the consistency of snot. Some of them were coloured with components, which made them feel like bathroom chimney sweeps, or that they had fallen teeth first into the mud...


Determined to rise to this challenge and rid the world of unworthy toothpaste, they began searching far and wide for a botanical that tasted clean and fresh - one that could represent important aspects of life in Australia. In a magic moment, they happened upon some wild mint, which was quietly thriving on the banks of a creek - a stone's throw away from their own backyard.


This ultimately became the inspiration for including Australian Native River Mint in all NFco toothpaste varieties.

After much research, lab tweaks and tooth brushing, the team at NFco have developed a range that ticks all the boxes. Fresh minty taste, effective foaming cleaning and plaque removal that squeezes out of the tube with no surprises! Of course all NFco products are made using the highest-grade natural ingredients.

The NFco products are available from selected pharmacies and health food stores, as well as online via the Jack N' Jill website at

For more information, visit the website:
Facebook: The Natural Family Co.
Twitter: @NaturalFamilyCo

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