The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Kits

The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Kits

New limited edition Akhal Beauty gift packs to celebrate Mother's Day and support women and children in remote Moroccan communities.


The Moroccan Ritual Antioxidant Kit
100 ml Organic Rose Hydrosol*

30ml Organic Argan Kernel Oil*

15ml Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil*

RRP $89.95

The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials Kit
100 ml Organic Rose Hydrosol*

30ml Organic Argan Kernel Oil*

40g Pure Rhassoul Clay

RRP $66.95

Akhal Beauty is a new organic, vegan, nasties free, and ethical skincare range from Morocco.

To celebrate Mother's Day, Akhal Beauty has created two new eco-friendly limited edition gift packs. The Moroccan Ritual Skincare Essentials Kit and Antioxidant Kit are the perfect gifts for mothers (and grandmothers) of all ages because they give many times over. 'Every Limited-Edition kit we sell contributes to fund 3 months of transportation to school for children in Morocco", Myriam says.
Akhal Beauty donates $1 for each bottle sold to non-profit partner CIF. 'Our goal is raise enough funds to build a school bus network connecting 50 villages in the remote High Atlas Mountain region of Morocco. This will enable the children from those villages to be transported to and from school safely and get an education they would otherwise not have access to", Myriam explains.

Akhal Beauty founder Myriam Baïssa is a strong believer in the power of business for good.

In creating Akhal Beauty, she wanted to share authentic Moroccan beauty treasures that Australian women would feel great about using and that would support women and children in rural Morocco.


Myriam brings from the South of Morocco a product range inspired by ancestral indigenous remedies including Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Organic Argan Kernel Oil, Pure Rhassoul Clay and Organic Rose Hydrosol.


Akhal Beauty has partnered with women's cooperatives who craft its skincare products through a direct fair trade relationship.
'Mother's Day is a time to celebrate and show deep gratitude to the mothers in our lives but it is also a time to reflect and support women and mothers who need it most," says Myriam. 'I created Akhal Beauty to bring fresh and organic skincare directly from Moroccan growers to Australia and bring to light the social and environmental challenges these women's cooperatives face."


Women's collectives harvest all Akhal Beauty's ingredients – they are indigenous growers who live in the south of Morocco, the poorest part of the country which is deeply impacted by climate change. These women are part of a collective - not a big multi-national company - and Akhal fully supports their economic development and their effort to reclaim lost forest land driven by excessive human exploitation.


Akhal Beauty's approach is to focus on producing a simple and pure product that customers will love, whilst also giving back to those who so lovingly craft it.


All Akhal Beauty products - Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil, Organic Argan Kernel Oil, Pure Rhassoul Clay and Organic Rose Hydrosol - are available from and select retailers.


Review: I love these products, they nourish the skin great for this time of year when cold winds and heating dehydrate.  I feel like they are not only hydrating my skin but protecting against the harsh weather.



Akhal [A-khal] is an indigenous Moroccan word that means 'Earth'. It reflects the profound symbiotic relationship that indigenous Moroccans have with Nature. Akhal Beauty was created to bring the eco-conscious skin perfectionists thoughtfully foraged products from Morocco, that are not only good for their skin and health but are making a positive impact to the indigenous communities who make them.
When we think of the most effective way to lift a child out of poverty, education is the first thing that comes to mind. When investment banker turned social entrepreneur Myriam Baïssa recently travelled to her native Morocco, she realised that in 15 years hardly anything changed for some indigenous rural communities where poverty is passed on across generations. Myriam decided to create Akhal Beauty upon her return to Australia to share Moroccan beauty treasures in a purposeful way and shift the value back where it belongs, to the women and growers who unearth them.

* Akhal Beauty plant-based products are Certified 100% Organic, ethically made and sustainably harvested by women.