The Key Ingredients To A Memorable Event In Sydney

The Key Ingredients To A Memorable Event In Sydney

The Key Ingredients To A Memorable Event In Sydney

Whether you're an event planner or just looking to organise a fabulous, one-off day, evening or weekend in Sydney for a special celebration, making it memorable – for all the right reasons – is what you're after.

A knockout location

Choosing the right location for your event is key. There are plenty of great spots in Sydney so finding the right one for your event shouldn't be too tricky. You need to consider how accessible your chosen location is – think about how your guests will be arriving – and think about the size of the venue and what you're looking to achieve for your event. Intimacy or exuberance? Do you need a dance floor? Somewhere quiet for people to be able to sit and have a chat? Are you providing a sit down meal or a buffet? Think also about what the venue can do for you in terms of the catering, and providing staff. Maybe you'll be organising food yourself, in which case, are there suitable storage areas and enough space for you and anyone helping you out (be they professional staff or family, friends or colleagues who are pitching in) to work.

Will your event be in the morning, afternoon, evening or all day? This can have an impact on how you'll want to run your event. If -all day' – or perhaps a wedding running from the afternoon and into the evening, think about factoring in some -downtime' when guests can relax and make sure the venue can accommodate this.

You can use a conventional venue or let your creative instincts work on something a little more outrageous. Holding your event in a knockout location is guaranteed to make it stick in the memories of your guests.

Plan the details of your event

Once you've got the overall structure of your event and the location sorted, you can really start to be imaginative with the content to ensure a memorable celebration for all involved. Get your guests to feel involved from the start. One idea is to have a theme that guests can dress to, or invite your guests to wear a hat or accessory that reflects the event. Alternatively, you could provide the means for your guests to get into the spirit of the event as they arrive – silly spectacles, perhaps, or party hats in themed colours. Whatever you decide, capturing the mood in photos is a great idea. You could get in a photographer or give your guests free rein and check out photo booth hire in Sydney. Your guests can group themselves with friends and go have as many photos as they want – there are bound to be great pics and you can consider offering a photo as a take away at the end of the event.

Getting people to relax is crucial to the enjoyment of the event. Make sure there's enough food and drink (although perhaps not too much drink). If you're including some kind of formal seating plan, do your homework beforehand and try to seat people with like-minded guests. Introduce touches of humour to put people at ease, and add a dash of personalisation to any momento that will be given to guests as a reminder of the evening.

The key to holding a memorable event in Sydney as anywhere is planning – this will ensure that everything runs to plan and your event sticks in your guests minds, long after they've gone home. Plan the little touches as much as the major elements of the event and you'll give your guests a day – or evening or weekend – to remember!