The Intolerant Cooks Series Three

The Intolerant Cooks Series Three

The Intolerant Cooks Series Three

Witty, engaging and slightly intolerant of each other, Karen Martini and Richard Barassi frontline The Intolerant Cooks – Australia's most unique foodie travel series.


Far from 'just another cooking show", The Intolerant Cooks is a ground-breaking half-hour series cooking up full-flavoured, nutrient rich dishes for those of us with food sensitivities and intolerances. Now with up to 40% of all Australians experiencing a food sensitivity or intolerance of some kind, The Intolerant Cooks is ready to entertain and educate all Australian households, whether you are food intolerant, you cook or shop for the food sensitive.

But, it's not about what you can't eat, it's about what you can eat. Created and produced by Bengar Films in Melbourne, The Intolerant Cooks responds to growing food intolerances in Australia with fresh entertainment and delicious food ideas for so many Australians struggling to find great food because of eating limitations.


Catherine Gunn, Executive Producer says, 'Despite the growing list of intolerance-friendly foods hitting supermarket shelves, minimal quality airtime has been offered to showcase them. Researching for The Intolerant Cooks, we couldn't believe how starved the food intolerant audience was for educational entertainment."


Series Creator Ben Gartland says, 'It is about bringing humanity to food shows.  The Intolerant Cooks is off-beat and fun, but also has meaning and purpose for audiences. From cooking super food recipes, to food health information, to the colourful characters we meet, The Intolerant Cooks is a first for Australian television."


Hitting 7Two, Australia's leading multi-channel from 4pm Sunday August 27 this year, Series Three of The Intolerant Cooks follows Celebrity Chef Karen Martini and self-confessed super-foodie Richard Barassi on healthy cooking adventures across Victoria.


From rustic orchards of the Yarra Valley, to seafood along The Great Ocean Road, wineries and plum farms in Nagambie, to organic vegetable producers along the Peninsula, Karen and Richard bundle into their tiny Fiat 500 to forage for the finest and lovingly produced regional ingredients and recipes.


Each week Karen and Richard meet fabulous farmers and producers, not only to use their fresh supplies for our Intolerant Cooks recipes, but as an important part of The Intolerant Cooks food story, their crazy adventures and cooking mishaps.

With the lactose free, gluten free and the food intolerant audience growing to over 8-million Australians this year, there's no better time for The Intolerant Cooks to hit 7Two. We look forward to sharing our food stories with all audiences from August 27th  2017.


The Intolerant Cooks | Series 3
Co-Hosts, Karen Martini & Richard Barassi


Melbourne chef, restaurateur and food writer Karen Martini has been cooking professionally for more than 20 years. Since Karen became a mother in 2006 her love of relaxed cooking with fresh, healthy, seasonal produce has intensified. "Having a food intolerance shouldn't stop you from making beautiful fresh, seasonal food" she says.


From the great Australian Rules Football family and son of legend Ron Barassi, Richard has a family history with family-owned providores, bistros and has inherited and created recipes to share with family and friends.


Richard has been through the journey of becoming intolerant to many foods and has overcome hurdles to find ways to enjoy food and entertain. Barassi has been working in the hospitality industry for over 20 years, working with food and wine around Australia.


The Intolerant Cooks
Sunday, AUGUST 27

4:00PM ON 7Two