The Critic Movie

The Critic Movie
Cast: Ian McKellen, Gemma Arterton, Mark Strong, Ben Barnes, Alfred Enoch, Romola Garai, Lesley Manville
Director: Arnand Tucker
Writer: Patrick Marber
Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival 2023
Genre: Drama



The reimagining of Anthony Quinn's novel 'Curtain Call' centers on Jimmy Erskine (Ian McKellen), the Daily Chronicle's most famous and feared theatre critic of the age; David Brooke (Mark Strong), with whom he clashes after recently inheriting the paper; and a young actress, Nina Land (Gemma Arterton) who is devastated by Jimmy's recent negative review of her.  As the three become entangled in a whodunnit wrapped in a Faustian pact, their strange triangle winds tighter and tighter to devastating effect for all those caught in the deadly web of blackmail and betrayal.


The Critic In Cinemas October 3, 20204





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