The Bill Too Hot to Handle

The Bill Too Hot to Handle
THE BILL: TOO HOT TO HANDLE Saturday April 11, 8:30pm - Ep. 645 - Too Hot to Handle (part 1of 3)

The Bill presents a 3-part thriller involving one of their own...

DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed) goes undercover to track a drug dealer, Rob Towler (Bill Ward), recently released from prison.

Three years earlier and undercover, Stevie had helped send Towler down without his knowledge, so he's pleased to see her. However, DS Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) becomes concerned at the apparent closeness between the two. Meanwhile, the woman whose assault led to Towler's earlier conviction tells TDC Will Fletcher (Gary Lucy) it wasn't Towler who attacked her.

Saturday April 11, 9:15PM - Ep. 646 - Too Hot to Handle (part 2 of 3)

Given information from their undercover operative DC Stevie Moss (Lucy Speed), the Sun Hill team arrives for what they think is a drugs bust, to find their target Rob Towler (Bill Ward) under fire from several fronts. There is an air of disbelief when Stevie swoops in to rescue him, and they speed off. Meanwhile, DS Jim Rutherford (Michael Hodgson), an old foe of Towler's, has arrived from Manchester to help in his capture, and he and DC Stuart Turner (Doug Rao) discover that a gang from Manchester is trying to kill him.

As her colleagues worry about Stevie's safety, and puzzle over the action she took, Stuart begins to suspect that she might be helping Towler escape...

The Bill will be repeated on ABC2 - Tuesday, April 14 at 9:20pm

PRODUCTION DETAILS: FremantleMedia (talkbackTHAMES); Executive Producer: Jonathan Young.