The Bikeriders Movie

The Bikeriders Movie

Starring: Austin Butler, Jodie Comer, Tom Hardy, Michael Shannon

Director: Jeff Nichols


An intimate and uncompromising look at the rise and fall of America's notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs, The Bikeriders traces the origins of fictional biker gang the Vandals through the eyes of its founding members. Inspired by photojournalist Danny Lyon's seminal 1968 book, written over the four years he


spent as a member of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club, the film explores firsthand how a group of speed-loving outsiders morphs into a fearsome criminal gang that betrays its original live-and-let-live ethos during a time of tumultuous political, economic, and social change in America.


The Bikeriders chronicles 10 crucial years in the evolution of elder statesman Johnny (Tom Hardy), the thrill-seeking Benny (Austin Butler) and their fellow bikers Zipco (Michael Shannon), Funny Sonny (Norman Reedus), Cal (Boyd Holbrook), Brucie (Damon Herriman), Wahoo (Beau Knapp), Cockroach (Emory Cohen), Corky (Karl Glusman), ) and The Kid (Toby Wallace) as they survive in a romantic, sometimes violent world that glorifies guns, booze, drugs and independence. As she recounts to Danny (Mike Faist), when new member Kathy (Jodie Comer) accidently finds herself in the clubhouse bar, she jumps on the back of Benny's motorcycle and becomes a Vandal.


Over the course of a decade, as the country around them changes, the club evolves from a gathering place for fiercely individualistic antiheroes into a more sinister criminal enterprise and Kathy and Johnny find themselves at odds over their relationship to Benny. Avaricious interlopers take over and involve the Vandals in drug trafficking, gambling, murder for hire and open warfare with rival gangs, driving the group full-throttle toward oblivion. Authentic, personal and uncompromising, The Bikeriders offers a raw perspective on the iconic outlaw bikers that have inhabited our imagination for more than half a century and the rebellious culture they were born out of.


The Bikeriders is written and directed by Jeff Nichols (Loving, Take Shelter). The film stars Jodie Comer ("Killing Eve," The Last Duel), Austin Butler (Elvis, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), Tom Hardy (The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road), Michael Shannon (Revolutionary Road, Take Shelter), Mike Faist (West Side Story, Challengers), Boyd Holbrook ("Narcos," "The Sandman"), Damon Herriman ("Justified," "Mr Inbetween"), Beau Knapp ("Seven Seconds," "The Good Lord Bird"), Emory Cohen (Brooklyn, "The OA"), Karl Glusman (Love, "Devs"), Toby Wallace (Babyteeth, "Pistol"), Norman Reedus ("The Walking Dead," The Boondock Saints), Happy Anderson ("Snowpiercer," "The Knick") and Paul Sparks ("House of Cards," "Boardwalk Empire").

The film is produced by Sarah Green (The Tree of Life, "Fahrenheit 451"), Brian Kavanaugh-Jones ("Bad Education," Upgrade) and Arnon Milchan (12 Years a Slave, Birdman, The Big Short). Executive producers are Yariv Milchan (Bohemian Rhapsody, Ad Astra), Michael Schaefer (The Martian, Alien: Covenant), Sam Hanson (The Lighthouse, The Northman), David Kern (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Age of Adaline) and Fred Berger (La La Land, "Bad Education"). Director of photography is Adam Stone (Midnight Special, Mud). Production designer is Chad Keith (The White Tiger, Take Shelter). The film is edited by Julie Monroe ("Only Murders in the Building," Mud). Costume designer is Erin Benach (A Star Is Born, Birds of Prey). Music supervisor is Lauren Mikus (Everything Everywhere All at Once, Loving). Casting by Francine Maisler (12 Years a Slave, "Succession").

The Bikeriders in cinemas July 4, 2024



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