Thai Street Food with David Thompson

Thai Street Food with David Thompson

Thai Street Food with David Thompson

Premieres Thursday 9 October at 6pm on SBS ONE

Intrepid chef and Thai food adventurer David Thompson cooks his way through a day in the life of Thai Street Food Over 13 colourful and vibrant episodes and featuring more
than 50 recipes, renowned Australian chef and Thai food expert David Thompson offers a
glimpse into the vibrant world of Thailand's streets and markets in Thai Street Food with David Thompson. David's journey follows the sweep of time as day slips into night, and the people and food change accordingly.

David's quest to unlock the secrets of Thailand's mystique of street food takes him from
the congested streets of modern Bangkok, to hidden markets and quiet narrow
alleyways of the old town. He follows Bangkok's main river into the slender canals with
their diverse communities and dishes wherever food is prepared and sold. He presents
curries to Buddhist monks, caters for the local spirits. He prepares dishes to accompany
a night watching the fights Thai style and ends up on a midnight excursion trawling for
squid in the Gulf of Thailand. It's an alluring feast for all senses that captures the colour,
the taste, the vibrancy, and the life of Thailand's markets and streets.

Food is central to many, if not all, aspects of Thai culture and it's David's passion to not
only demonstrate how to prepare it, but to put audiences right there in the picture,
where the food is ultimately eaten and enjoyed. His dedication and knowledge is evident
and his skill as a chef, unsurpassed. But it's this ability to put the food 'in context" that
makes this unique and delightful new series so engaging.

David is well-known internationally for his cookbooks Thai Food and Thai Street Food
and his former London-based, Michelin star Thai restaurant, NAHM. Most recently his
Bangkok-based restaurant, also called NAHM, was named as one of the world's 50 best
restaurants 2012. Organised by Restaurant magazine, The World's 50 Best
Restaurants list is an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of over 800
international restaurant industry experts.

From the markets at dawn to a very late supper in Chinatown, David talks and cooks
with vendors, hawkers and market stall holders to discover the most popular dishes, the
classics and the less well-known delicacies. On a mission to uncover the true flavours of
Thai street food, he connects with the locals, listens to their history, absorbs their
culture and tastes absolutely everything on offer. David believes that food is at the heart
of Thai culture and hopes this series will create a greater understanding of Thai street