The Future of 'Miracle' Skincare launched in Australia
Cementing its place as Australia's leading innovators in wellness and longevity, NTS Health has launched the revolutionary, organic dermal treatment TamuSkin, which possesses a unique capacity to accelerate wound healing and promote the growth of healthy, rejuvenated skin.

Having been recognised for its 'miracle' qualities, world renowned surgeon and host of the The Dr Oz Show Dr. Mehmet Oz, recently praised Tamanu Oil on his show, an endeavour of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Productions, as one of four featured best natural cures available in the world.

TamuSkin, produced from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree which grows profusely throughout Vanuatu, has the extraordinary ability to encourage the regeneration of new tissue, resulting in rapid repair and the development of healthy skin, enabling this 'miracle oil' to be used on almost any skin ailment, with incredible results.

This all natural, all organic product is used for the treatment of a multitude of skin conditions including acne, acne scarring, burns (including chemical burns), dry or scaly skin, infected wounds, ulcers, boils, sores, cuts, skin blemishes, rashes (including nappy rash), reduction of and even the complete removal of age spots to improving the appearance of generalized scarring and even stretch marks after pregnancy.

Internationally acclaimed author, educator and co founder of NTS Health Graeme Sait says he is extremely excited to be introducing TamuSkin to Australia, an oil which has been a traditional Melanesian skin care treatment used for centuries in Vanuatu and Tahiti.

"Research is constantly revealing remarkable medicinal qualities in exotic and native plant species and occasionally, one of these plant extracts is shown to possess such remarkable qualities that it becomes a staple in every bathroom cabinet… Aloe Vera and tea tree oil are prime examples," Mr Sait said.

"In recent years a new plant extract from Vanuatu has emerged as a prime contender in the super oil stakes; this pacific powerhouse is called Tamanu oil - the results are undeniable," he said.

NTS Health have developed one of the most high quality, unique product selections in the holistic health industry with a commitment to the proactive maintenance of optimal wellness. NTS Health natural skin care products use pure organic ingredients that help rebuild damaged skin tissues.

For more information about TamuSkin or to view the range of NTS Health products, please visit www.ntshealth.com.au