Sweet Gold - Tour Dates

Sweet Gold - Tour Dates

Today Melbourne's romantic garage pop heart-throbs, Sweet Gold, release new single 'Heart of Mine' and announce a national tour in support of the new track from forthcoming album Heres To Feeling Good All The Time.

With a jangle of six strings and a nod to the Gallagher brothers, 'Heart of Mine' sees Sweet Gold hit the ground running, over a wash of chords and a driving rhythm. The vocal melody and the refrain swagger and sway, with a tonne of the chord changes, building tension and release as the story unfolds.

The accompanying video was recorded on the band's previous run of shows across Australia and captured on Super 8 film to mirror the nostalgic feelings in the music. The song was recorded by Greg Rietwyk (Press Club) at The Aviary, Abbotsford. Of the track lead singer Mike Tea says "Life and love is a battlefield and the song is about looking back on hard times and trying to figure out a way forward. The way forward is to surround yourself with friends and music and have as much fun as possible."

A power pop nod to all things love and heart break, forthcoming album Here's To Feeling Good All The Time was recorded with Jason Fuller at Goatsound.

Imagine The Jam or The Pistols covering The Ronettes and The Beatles. Sweet Gold sit somewhere close to that but more drunk. Here's To Feeling Good All The Time is full of short, hook driven songs, with catchy melodies and sing along choruses. If you like The Nerves, Ramones, Exploding Hearts or Blondie then Here's To Feeling Good All The Time is worth a listen, it's basically 60's pop through a 70's lens, played by people that weren't alive back then who also listen to Slayer.

Buy a copy for your sweet heart and then dump them so they have something to cry themselves to sleep with.

Sweet Gold on tour this May.

Sweet Gold - Tour Dates
Thu May 9th - Marley Bar, Sydney
Fri May 10th - Newcastle
Fri May 17th - Grace Darling, Melbourne
Sat May 18th - Greaser, Brisbane