Susie Burrell Helga's Lower Carb Bread Interview

Susie Burrell Helga's Lower Carb Bread Interview

Susie Burrell Helga's Lower Carb Bread Interview

To enable Australian's to have their bread and eat it too, Helga's have pioneered a category breakthrough with their new Helga's Lower Carb bread range.

The clever bakers at Helga's have replaced some of the wheat flour in the standard mixed grain loafs with a mix of tasty and nutritious seeds. This means Helga's Lower Carb bread delivers everything Australian's love about Helga's, but with 25% less carbs.

'Bread has a lot of positive nutritional properties including being a good source of protein, fibre, wholegrains and in the case of Helga's essential fats from all the seeds and grains. Turn your lunch time salad into a nutritious and well balanced meal by adding two slices of Helga's Lower Carb and making it into a sandwich!" said nutritionist and Helga's Lower Carb Ambassador Susie Burrell.

Helga's Lower Carb is available in four variants; the NEW Lower Carb Wholemeal and Seed, Lower Carb 5 Seeds, Lower Carb Soy & Toasted Sesame and Lower Carb Sunflower & Golden Linseed.


Lower Carb Wholemeal and Seeds

The first Lower Carb loaf made with wholemeal flour. 1 serve (2 slices) of Helga's Lower Carb Wholemeal & Seed contributes 60% towards the Grains & Legume Nutrition Council's Whole Grain Daily Target Intake Helga's Lower Carb Wholemeal and Seed includes a mix of sunflower seeds and milled linseeds. It is also a good source of both protein and fibre


Lower Carb 5 Seeds:
Bursting with a blend of poppy seeds, brown linseeds, golden linseeds, sunflower seeds and psyllium seeds
Helga's Lower Carb 5 Seeds is a source of protein, omega 3 and a good source of fibre

Lower Carb Soy & Toasted Sesame"
Helga's Lower Carb Soy & Toasted Sesame has a nutty taste and texture, and is a good source of both protein and fibre.

Lower Carb Sunflower & Golden Linseed:
Sunflower & Golden Linseed is bursting with seeds and is a good source of protein, omega 3 and a good source of fibre

Lower Carb product details:
RRP $5.49
700g loaf
Servings Per Package: 10 (18 slices + 2 Crusts)

Interview with Susie Burrell

Question: What do you like about the Helga's Lower Carb bread range?

Susie Burrell: I am a fan of carb counting so the Helga's Lower Carb range fits my guiding criteria of 20-30g per serve of carbs per meal for weight control and has 25% less carbs than standard mixed grain breads. It is also packed with wholegrains and seeds and contains which bumps up its good fat ratios and most importantly it tastes good so it appeals to my clients and followers.

Question: Is it better for us to be eating lower carb breads with more seeds?

Susie Burrell: Without a doubt one of the best things we can all do to improve the nutrient ratios of our diets long term is bump up our intake of the good fats from grains, seeds and nuts and enjoying portion controlled bread that contains seeds is an easy way to achieve this.

Question: How will eating bread at breakfast help fuel our body for the day?

Susie Burrell: A serve or two of wholegrain, good quality carbs at breakfast will keep our appetite controlled for at least 3-4 hours, hopefully until lunchtime. The trick is then to also include proteins so eggs on a lower carb toast like Helga's or a toasted sandwich makes a great nutritionally balanced, filling breakfast.

Question: Can you give us an example of some of the best breakfasts?

Susie Burrell: Eggs scrambled with vegetables on a slice or two of lower carb bread
Avocado, cottage cheese and tomato on lower carb bread
Greek yoghurt with berries and a slice of lower carb toast with nut spread

Question: What are the top 5 carbohydrates we should have in our diet?

Susie Burrell: Fruit Dairy such as milk and Greek yoghurt Veges such as corn, sweet potato Legumes such as lentils, chick peas Wholegrain, carb controlled bread such as Helga's Lower Carb Loaf or wholegrain crackers

Question: How can we get the right mix of carbohydrates in our diet?

Susie Burrell: Simply by following the rule of 1 serve of 20-30g total carbs at each meal eg wholegrain bread with breakfast or lunch and some sweet potato or corn with dinner.

Question: Why is it important to consume carbohydrates?

Susie Burrell: Carbs are the main fuel for the muscle, the more active we are, the more carbs we will need to adequately fuel the muscle. We do not need a lot but we need them at the right time, especially if we exercise regularly.

Question: Why do some carbohydrates leave us feeling bloated?

Susie Burrell: Sometimes the sugars in beans, vegetables, wheat and honey can leave us feeling bloating. If you regularly suffer from bloating after eating, you may need a low FODMAP diet which may include a gluten free bread.

Question: Is it true that carbohydrates make us put on weight?

Susie Burrell: Only if we eat too many of them, which is the case for any one type of food. Choosing lower carb options such as Helga's Lower Carb bread is the easiest way to include a small amount of nutrient rich, wholegrain carbs without overdoing things.

Question: Which carbohydrates should we eat prior to a high intensity workout?

Susie Burrell: About 60-90 minutes beforehand we need a source of carbs but also 5-10g of protein to help regulate blood glucose levels. Good options include 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt + berries; 1 slice lower carb bread with 1 tbsp. nut spread or wholegrain crackers and cheese.

Interview by Brooke Hunter