Sunset Tan Season Two

Sunset Tan Season Two

As we kiss winter goodbye for another year, E! Entertainment Television announces the second season of the hilarious reality series, Sunset Tan.

Sunset Tan takes viewers behind the golden doors of one of Southern California's most successful tanning salons, following the adventures of its outrageous staff and the two tanning masterminds who own it. The series gives viewers a front-row seat to all the celebrity clientele, off-the-wall tanning requests and staff dynamics that make this amusing group work like family.

Last season audiences were introduced to the Sunset Tan team, led by co-owners Devin Haman and Jeff Bozz who worked hard to manage multiple LA locations along with their rowdy employees. Amidst staff blow-ups, surprise celebrity clients and ridiculous antics from the blonde due Holly and Molly, otherwise known as the "Olly Girls," the owners struggled all season with the decision of who should manage their new Vegas area salon at the Palms Place Condominium Tower. In the final episode, they choose Janelle and sent the disruptive "Olly Girls" packing.

Returning for season two will be "ring leaders" Jeff and Devin, along with Erin, Janelle, Nick, Ania, Keely, Heidi and the "Olly Girls". This season will take viewers into the exclusive launch party of the Vegas salon as Janelle takes over her new, prestigious position at this hot location. New employees will bring another dimension to this already out-of-control staff, while the "Olly Girls" will be sure Sunset Tan does not forget about them as they struggle to find new jobs outside the tanning industry. In an effort to bring their colourful group of characters together, Jeff and Devin take the gang out of Hollywood and into the country for a hysterical week-end of ranching. Plus, this season is sure to feature more surprise celebrity-drop-ins and outlandish tanning requests.

Sunset Tan is a whole lot of fun, especially when you want to relax at home on the couch and just have a laugh. The staff members are outrageous and there is always some type of trouble in the salon. Celebrity picking and laughing at some tanning requests are the highlight of the reality show.