Sun kissed skin in a flash with Ti Cosmetics

Sun kissed skin in a flash with Ti Cosmetics


Ti Cosmetics are dedicated to providing the best all round self tan products with The Bronzer available in Face and Body variants without enduring harmful exposure to UV rays.

The Bronzer Face and Body products are:
- Streak free, thats right, no streaks!
- Fragrance free
- Long lasting
- Gentle & nourishing for your skin.

The Bronzer Self Tan for face and body

Enjoy a natural sunless tan immediately while a fully developed tanappears within two hours and lasts for days!

Why its HOT?
A natural cream formula using the richness of shea butter, green tea,Vitamins E and A and tropical coconut to moisturize the skin,while maintaining a lasting glowing tan.

- Colour fades rather than flakes off.
- Colour commences dark, allowing one to see where the product is going.
- Shimmer variant allow a natural looking glow as well as colour.

RRP: $24.95

The Bronzer Instant Tan

Available in shimmer or matt, The Bronzer Instant Tan provides a goldentan instantly.

Why its HOT?
- Fragrance free, no tan waiting, streaking or flaking, it works instantly!
- Colour fades rather than flaking off and looks like a natural, rich colouredtan.
- Using a Gel formulae makes it easier to apply than traditional liquidformulaes.
- Choice of Matt or Shimmer
- Just apply it when you need it and wash it off when you dont!

RRP: $24.95

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