Steph Wearne Natural Vitamin Interview

Steph Wearne Natural Vitamin Interview

From the Garden, Not the Lab

An entirely new category of vitamins made from organic fruits and vegetables, because people are more knowledgeable than ever about what they are putting in their bodies.

The Natural Vitamin Co. embodies a philosophy for producing nutrient rich vitamins that are chemical free and filled with all-natural goodness. The supplements are 100% natural, containing real raw ingredients such as organic kale, organic holy basil extract and organic lemon peel extract.

There are eight products in The Natural Vitamin Co. range which are all vegan, raw, gluten free and GMO-free, with naturally sourced ingredients to support a balanced lifestyle and help individuals to feel healthy. The Natural Vitamin Co. wants to promote that 'food is medicine' by letting their ingredients shine.

Many of the vitamins currently available on the Australian market have been made from synthetic materials and have gone through chemical processing. The Natural Vitamin Co.'s entirely new approach to vitamins provides Aussies with the benefits of an all-natural option when it comes to their vitamin consumption. Each product from the range is available exclusively online and in-store at Chemist Warehouse.

The Natural Vitamin Co, is proud to announce that they enlisted six times world champion surfer, Stephanie Gilmore, as their Brand Ambassador. They feel she perfectly aligns with their values of embracing life in a natural and healthy way.

Stephanie Gilmore says of the new partnership, "Partnering with The Natural Vitamin Co. was an easy decision. As a professional surfer, I have to be so careful to give my body what it needs. Being sure I get my daily quota of vitamins and minerals helps me function at a peak performance level. Where possible I believe natural is better, after all food is our fuel. To team up with an Australian business that produces natural vitamins made from organic fruit and vegetables is a great fit for me"

The company also have on board Nutritionist and Founder of Body Good Food, Steph Wearne, who says, "With the busy lives we lead and the abundance of food harvested from poor quality soil today it can be a difficult task to get the nutrients you need, even with a healthy balanced diet. I'm just so glad The Natural Vitamin Co. can provide a nutritional boost to one's diet using products that truly are natural in every sense of the word. You can't get any better than wholefood products made from real organic fruit and vegetables with zero synthetic ingredients."

There are currently eight natural formulations available: Women's Multivitamin, Men's Multivitamin, Brain Health, Probiotic Kombucha, Super B Complex, Vitamin C tablets, Iron Plus and Hair, Skin & Nails.

Women's Multivitamin and Men's Multivitamin
Through the intake of vitamins: C, B1 and B5, both formulations can help to boost immunity, energy levels and mental performance. The Women's Multivitamin contains organic curry leaf extract which is claimed in traditional medicine to help with strengthening hair roots. The spirulina in the Men's Multivitamin can act as a powerful antioxidant and can be beneficial for general health.

Brain Health
Through the intake of vitamins: B1, B6 and C, this supplement can help to boost energy and immune function and is full of antioxidants to help the brain function at its best. The antioxidants in this product work to improve brain function.

Probiotic Kombucha
A daily probiotic with 1 billion CFU which can assist with balancing good bacteria in the digestive system and has been widely used for gut health.

Super B Complex
Through the intake of vitamins: B1, B5 and B6, Super B Complex can assist with boosting energy, mental performance and hormonal regulation. It contains organic lemon peel extract which has been used in traditional medicine to maintain and improve bone health.

Hair, Skin & Nails
Through the intake of vitamins: C and Zinc, this can assist with collagen formation, hair and nail health and is full of antioxidants. This vitamin includes organic sesbania extract which contains iron and vitamin C to assist with keeping skin feeling healthy. Vitamin C Tablets
Through the intake of Vitamin C and non-citrus bioflavonoids, it can help to boost the immune system and collagen production. The wheatgrass in the formulation provides a healthy dose of antioxidants each day and contains nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium and amino acids.

Iron Plus
Through the intake of iron and folic acid, this can aid with blood health and energy levels and works to support health throughout pregnancy. This vitamin contains organic turmeric powder which is claimed in traditional medicine to help ease joint pain, maintain gut health and improve immune function.

Each product contains 30 tablets and consumers are advised to take one vegan tablet per day, before or after food.

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The Natural Vitamin Co. supplements are available to buy online and instore exclusively at Chemist Warehouse.

Interview with Steph Wearne, The Natural Vitamin Co. Nutritionist and Founder of Body Good Food

Question: What can you tell us about The Natural Vitamin Co.?

Steph Wearne: The Natural Vitamin Co. is an Australian owned and operated company that has brought out the first vitamin supplement products in Australia with zero synthetic ingredients. The brand is all about harnessing the power of nature and using organic fruits and vegetables in their products meaning they exist with the essential co-factors our bodies need to benefit from them, as nature intended.

Question: Why are you happy to suggest The Natural Vitamin Co. vitamins to your friends and family?

Steph Wearne: These vitamins come from the purest, highest quality, organic ingredients with absolutely no synthetic ingredients. No matter where your diet is at, the products are such a great natural way to add a nutritional boost to your day.

Question: Can you tell us about how The Natural Vitamin Co. vitamins differ from other brands?

Steph Wearne: They are the first brand that has zero synthetic ingredients. The ingredients in other brands products are formulated in the lab and exist as an isolated component, designed to mimic how that vitamin is naturally metabolised. However, vitamins in nature come with an array of co-factors and other bioactive compounds that allow them function as we need them to. It makes sense that using these ingredients as they exist in nature means the body can metabolise them the same way we would be getting them naturally from food.

Question: What ingredients are included in this range?

Steph Wearne: The Natural Vitamin Co. uses all organic fruits and vegetables and some of the common ingredients you will find are kale, broccoli, spirulina, wheatgrass, guava, maca and lemon.

Question: Which of the The Natural Vitamin Co. range are you currently taking?

Steph Wearne: I alternate depending on what my body needs at the time, but recently have just swapped from the Vitamin C which I was using to keep my immunity up during the change in season, to the Women's Multivitamin. I also have my wedding coming up in a few weeks so am also taking the Hair, Skin & Nails and the Probiotic Kombucha.

Question: What inspired Body Good Food?

Steph Wearne: I was so sick of hearing people thinking that eating healthy was a tuna salad for lunch and chicken and broccoli for dinner. Healthy food can taste so amazing if you get a bit creative, so I wanted to show people how you can eat healthily and love the food you are eating.

Question: Can you tell us about Body Good Food?

Steph Wearne: Body Good Food is the overarching name for my business where I develop recipes, run cooking classes, present seminars and workshops, work 1:1 with clients and run my 21 Day Detox Program.

Question: What's a typical day's food like, for you?

Steph Wearne: My day is all based around how many veggies I can get in! On a typical day I start with a dandelion root tea in the morning followed by scrambled eggs with mushrooms, greens and avocado. This gets me through to lunch which would be a tempeh nourish bowl with roast veggies, rocket and a tahini dressing. In the afternoon I have some 90% dark chocolate and a liquorice root tea. Dinner would be salmon with stir fried veggies, cashews, sesame seeds and kim chi.

Question: Do you have a morning routine; can you share it with us?

Steph Wearne: Yes, every morning the first thing I do is have a cuddle with my dog – this always puts a smile on my face before my day even begins. Then I exercise which is a mix between Pilates, running, HIIT or strength. I will then walk my dog and have my tea – only after all of this am I allowed to check emails or social media! A mediation can sometimes be thrown in there depending how stressed I'm feeling but usually that happens at night.

Question: What five foods could you not live without?

Steph Wearne: 90% dark chocolate, sweet potato, salmon, broccolini and herbal tea!

Question: How can we use food as medicine?

Steph Wearne: Food can be your health insurance. Focus on getting in as many nutrients as possible each day rather than worrying about foods to cut out because they might make you put on weight! If vegetables are the bulk of your diet and you complement that with quality protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates then your body will be getting all the nutrients it needs to prevent and reduce the risk chronic diseases and illnesses.

Interview by Brooke Hunter