Sky Ball Concert Series

Sky Ball Concert Series

Wow, it's been a wild six-month ride to get to the Sky Ball.

The good folks at Dashville held the first 3 of their 5-night covid-safe concert series last weekend – THE SKY BALL - which went down a treat featuring Kim Churchill, Fanny Lumsden, William Crighton, Ben Leece, Catherine Britt, Justin Ngariki and more... In place of The Gum Ball + Dashville Skyline which usually holds up to 2,000 punters on the Hunter Valley (NSW) site, under the guidelines the event was kept to under 300 music lovers who were separated in 'party pens' of up to 10 people to sit & watch the performances.  

Sky Ball will roll a second weekend, on the 9th and 10th October.

Another two concerts have been added to the Sky Ball concert series, creating an overflowing cup of 4 local and regional NSW acts performing each night - over a series of 5 nights, across two weekends.

Artists included to the series line up include the heavy blues trio Chase The Sun, local Americana songwriter James Thomson, emerging soul diva Georgie Jones and a very special all-female project put together by the amazing Gleny Rae, titled 'The Darlings of Dashville Show'.

All performances are being streamed on SKY BALL TV until the end of the month.  All proceeds from this ticketed event are going directly back to the artists.

Session 4 - 9th October
Gleny Rae's Darlings Of Dashville / Dave Wells / Johnston City / Georgie Jones

Session 5 - 10th October
Dashville Progress Society / Andy Nelson / James Thomson / Hedy Blaazer