Skin Physics Cellugen Night Cream

Skin Physics Cellugen Night Cream


Winter extremes can wreak havoc on your skin. Cold temperatures and harsh winds combined with central heating can damage and dry it out, leaving it dull, lifeless and more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines. One of the easiest ways to combat this winter wear and tear is by using a good night cream every evening to repair the days damage whilst you sleep.

The SKIN PHYSICS Cellugen™ Night Cream is the first topical formulation in Australia to include extract of the Uttwiler Spätlauber apple. This powerful phyto stem cell extract is scientifically proven to hold energy in the skin cells for dramatic rejuvenation and is designed to help your skin naturally renew collagen and elastin, visibly reducing wrinkle depth and increasing skin firmness.

The Uttwiler Spätlauber apple stays fresh for up to four months after being harvested, long after other varieties have become wrinkled and decayed. Its stem cells, which are used in only the most exclusive creams and serums, are said to contain unique epigenetic factors that stimulate repair of human skin cells, thereby promoting skin cell regeneration and delaying the onset of wrinkles. And it is being hailed throughout the cosmetic world as an exciting anti-ageing breakthrough.

When used in conjunction with the SKIN PHYSICS Cellugen™ cosmeceutical range and the SKIN PHYSICS LED Photo-Rejuvenation System it provides you with a complete beauty treatment program guaranteed by industry professionals to make your skin look younger, fresher and more rejuvenated.

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