My Health Silent Night,

My Health Silent Night,

My Health Silent Night,

It's the sound in the dead of night that has the potential to shake walls, and can cause more disruption when you're awake. The roar of the snore from a partner - or your own that you deny when you wake, affects 7 million Australians every night1 – 40 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women2 - impacting daily life dramatically if left untreated.

A lack of restful sleep can impact all areas of life, including work productivity, personal relationships and social interactions. In fact, an average snore can easily reach a noise level of 45 to 60 decibels – the sound of a voice – while a major snore can exceed 95 decibels which is equivalent to the noise of a passing truck!

The good news is snorers no longer need to suffer. In an Australian first, My Health Silent Night is the only non-prescription, non-invasive, 100 per cent natural stop snoring product that relieves snoring in days, not months.

Each lozenge has a powerful combination of natural antioxidants - including peppermint essential oil and extracts of lemon balm and Aloe Vera - and its oral absorption means people should notice its

effects after a few hours, with snoring noticeably softer on the first night. Dr Gaetano Zannini, creator of My Health Silent Night, wanted to create a product offering everybody the benefits that nature made available.

'This is a new and unique product for anybody suffering from chronic snoring, which acts at the source of our natural wellbeing, Silent Night is of 100 per cent natural origin, and allows people to alleviate their snoring, restoring a healthy and happy life."

Heather Tremopoulos knew her snoring had increased dramatically and that a solution was needed fast, when her husband slept in a separate room from her.

'After having suffered from snoring for many years and being referred for ongoing sleep apnea tests, I was starting to believe nothing could help my situation. A friend had recommended I try Silent Night. The thing that appealed to me the most was that it's a natural product in a form of a lozenge."

'The first night that I took Silent Night, I woke up feeling quite refreshed and well-rested, and to my surprise my husband commented that he couldn't hear my snoring throughout the night. Since then, I have to say this product has delivered positive results and has provided me with a peaceful night's sleep. I can now say that my husband has moved back into the main bedroom, and he too has benefited immensely from Silent Night."

Top Tips to help Aussies have a Silent Night

1. Eating a balanced meal at dinner-time, minus the snacking
2. Reduce alcohol content before bed-time
3. Maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly – a 30 minute walk each day is recommended
4. Cut down on smoking
5. Lie on your side when you sleep and use a preventative treatment to proactively tackle the roar of your snore!

The Recommended Retail Price (RRP) for Silent Night is $29.95 for a 30 pack. For more information call 1300 790 699, or visit to purchase online.