Shark Week

Shark Week

It's That Time Again... Shark Week Is Coming

Shark Week (24/7 Event)

Starts Thursday 7 December at 7.30pm AEDT 

Premiere titles every night at 7.30pm and 8.30pm AEDT 

Only on Discovery Channel

Just when you thought it was safe to switch off the TV, Shark Week shows up! That's right, only the best week of the year is back! Prepare yourself for seven days of shark infested programming that will have you glued to Discovery Channel from Thursday 7 December.


Shark Week is synonymous with summer and it's Subscription Television's longest-running annual event – we're celebrating 22 years! This 24/7 shark party is loaded with compelling documentaries that explore these magnificent, mysterious and often misunderstood creatures; sounding the alarm on the threats our ocean's greatest predators face by humans and the environment, and highlighting recent developments in shark science.


This year's fin-tastic lineup includes three documentaries filmed in Australia and narrated by Shark Week host, Andrew -ET' Ettingshausen: Shark-Croc Showdown, Return To The Isle Of Jaws and Shark Exile. Humans are the number one predator of sharks, but orcas, crocodiles and seals have been known to eat them as well, so what goes down when saltwater crocs head into shark infested waters? Find out when Shark Week launches with Shark-Croc Showdown. Shark Exile sees an Australian team, including shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder, head to Brazil where a scientist has discovered a way to reduce the number of shark attacks on their shores, and it could be a potential solution for our beaches here. Then divers and scientists Return To The Isle Of Jaws to unlock the mysteries of a Great White hot spot, just south of Western Australia.


New to Shark Week this year is Great Australian Bites ­– a one hour special hosted by marine biologist Lucas Handley that features five unique short films about sharks that have been produced out of Western Australia. From a campaign to stop the shark fin trade in WA and around the world, to meeting members of the exclusive Bite Club and a world first encounter with a Great White.


But there's more. We also investigate why sharks are attracted to volcanoes and volcanic islands, go in search of some of the world's strangest sharks (we're talking the likes of Sawsharks and Goblins), explore whether Great Whites are returning to New York and find out if a Great White is stalking a secluded beach in California, plus much more.


Discovery is at the forefront of promoting the conservation and protection of sharks and supporting shark science. Each year we work with some of the world's most respected scientists, researchers and science institutions for Shark Week to reveal recent breakthroughs and developments that uncover fascinating new findings about these species, so that we humans can understand them a little more and appreciate the vital role they play in the ecosystem.


From the main players, Great Whites, Tiger sharks and Makos, to the strange and mysterious Goblins and Lantern Sharks, this is your chance to get up close and personal with the ocean's greatest predators all from the safety of your couch. Sink your teeth into Shark Week from Thursday 7 December at 7.30pm - it's gonna be jawsome!