Science in Focus on the ABC

Science in Focus on the ABC

Science in Focus on the ABC

It's bright orange, has oral tentacles shaped like bull horns and is a hermaphrodite. It's a nudibranch, and this particular one is wholly new to science and you can stamp your personal imprint on biological history by naming the species! Name This Creature is just one of the initiatives driven by the ABC as it puts science IN FOCUS, in recognition of National Science Week (13-21 August 2016).

From Catalyst showcasing a game-changing new Australian device that aims to help the paralysed walk again, to -Shit Happens' on RN; from Playschool's 'Let's Experiment" to a live Facebook experiment, OUR FOCUS: SCIENCE, brings audiences a diverse range of dedicated science programming and audience engagement initiatives across TV, radio, iview and online.

Michelle Guthrie, Managing Director said: "The ABC is pleased it can play a role in building interest in and engagement with Australia's scientific community. The ABC's science programming is of both wide and specialist appeal, educating and informing Australians about scientific news, research and innovations and also assists Australians engage in social and political processes related to science."

"ABC's Our Focus aims to highlight issues, ideas and events throughout the year that are important to the national conversation and present them to our audiences across all ABC platforms. The week commencing 13 August will focus on Science Week and we hope it will be interesting and informative for the ABC audience."

Content across the ABC during National Science Week includes:

Help save Australian wildlife! Wildlife Spotter, the ABC's Citizen Scientist project aims to assist researchers by identifying wildlife captured in roughly a million images taken all across Australia by automated cameras.

ABC Splash
A collection of videos and supporting materials on robotics in everyday life for students and teachers. Plus, Design a Car for the Future competition.

Facebook Live Event
Love watching a watermelon bound by rubber bands explode? Then join Dr Karl and Ruben Meerman (aka the Surfing Scientist) for a one-time only Science Week spectacular live Facebook event at noon on Friday 19 August.

Gail Alvares, one of RN's Top 5 Under 40s, and Lynne Malcolm from All in the Mind investigate novel and affordable ways to improve the quality of lives of children with autistic spectrum disorder (on-air 5pm Sunday August 14, or online). Plus a whole range of features throughout the week covering topics as diverse as what happens when animals get the flu, the rise of the drones, technologies we will have in our homes by 2030 and what we really know about the science of sex.

Off track - Naming the Nudibranch
Join host Ann Jones, on Saturday August 20 at 10.30am, as she announces on-air the winning entry of the Name this Species competition. It will be the first time we get to hear the scientific name that was suggested by a member of the public for this newly discovered species of nudibranch.

triple j
triple j will be taking a look at everything from electronics to outer space. Using biology for busting crime, Dr. Ellen Jorgensen explains what -bio hacking' is. Renae Sayers & Lucy Forman take us through their project Fireballs in the Sky, tracking meteors in Australia. We check in with 80e Days, an electric car race around the world. Plus everyone's favourite scientist, Dr Karl, brings you triple j's Science Hour.

Science Extra
A digital pop-up station will showcase some of the ABC's best science audio content from recent times and the archive throughout the week.


Q&A - Monday 9.35pm on ABC TV and iview
Professor Brian Cox joins the panel along with Greg Hunt, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science and Lily Serna, a mathematician with an unrivalled passion for education and for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Advocacy.

Catalyst - Tuesday 8pm on ABC TV and iview
The game-changing new Australian device that aims to help the paralysed walk again. Plus a unique interactive journey inside the human body to better understand disease.

Forces of Nature with Brian Cox - Tuesday 8.30pm on ABC TV and iview
Explore what lies behind the most startling sights on Earth.

Nano - 8.20pm Sunday – Friday on ABC2 and iview
Six short science programs looking at modern science issues, from drones and DNA to breast milk and caffeine.

The Science Of Doctor Who - Sunday 14 August 7.30pm on ABC2 and iview
Like all great science fiction shows there are kernels of truth and nuggets of science facts scattered throughout the incredible Doctor Who Universe. In this special we explore these dynamic moments.


A curated iview collection will house a bespoke compilation of science-themed programs.
During National Science Week, the ABC is home to fascinating stories and extraordinary achievements.
For more information visit the ABC's dedicated site at or join the conversation: #ScienceWeek