Sandrine Carliez Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment Interview

Sandrine Carliez Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment Interview

Sandrine Guinot Carliez Double Ionisation Treatment Interview

Treats 38% more of the face
52.3% increase in hydration with the use of the hydrating gel serum
88.9% decrease in sebum with the use of the purity gel serum
53.4% decrease in wrinkles with the use of the Age Logic Gel Serum

Now Guinot has developed "Double Ionisation". Unique to Guinot, this advanced procedure increases the penetration of both positive and negative ions. This new approach thus enables the penetration of active ingredients with negative polarity, such as hyaluronic acid, nucleic acid, vitamin E, vitamin F, vitamin C, salicylic acid, fruit acids and amino acids.

New electrodes have been designed to increase the treatment precision. Their shape fits the shape of the underlying facial muscles

Interview with Sandrine Carliez

Question: What are the benefits of the Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment?

Sandrine Carliez: The Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment is a professional treatment and the machines used provide two different types of ionisation. With the same machine we are able to provide ionisation and the lifting treatment.

Guinot has improved this treatment by using it with an Age Logic Gel Serum or a different gel according to the skin function because your skin may be dehydrated or might have pigmentation, be sensitive or have lines and wrinkles - we have many different types of gels to use to personalise the treatment to your skin type. The new approach enables us to penetrate the molecules of each gel, directly, into the skin.

Overall this is a very complete treatment. When the first gel is in contact with the skin and the electrodes it is transformed into a nourishing soap to clean the skin and that is why the facial is deep cleansing for the face. The cleanse is very natural and gentle because it respects the skins pH and uses your own bodies serum to clean the skin. That is the first and most important step because the skin needs to be prepared before any treatment.

Included in the treatment is a strong hydrating gel that really hydrates the skin and creates a filter to avoid the evaporation of the water which is why after the treatment the skin feels like a babies face: plump and full of water (well hydrated). The key to beautiful skin is that the skin is prepared and well hydrated.

Thanks to the unionisation the facial can transform molecules into the skin; previously we could penetrate only the positive molecules. We recently changed our electrodes and our electrodes are now positive and negative at the same time which means we can now penetrate positive and negative molecules included in the gel of the Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment facial. Molecules such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, nucleic, Vitamin F and all of the different kinds of molecules which have a negative chart and are often difficult to penetrate because they are very big; with the double ionisation we can now make them penetrate into the skin. This means we will get faster and better effectiveness on the skin.

During the facial there is a step that involves oxygenation because we use a specific gel that contains stabilised oxygen and in contact with the high frequency treatment we are able to stimulate the oxygenation into the skin. This means we can increase microcirculation and be able to eliminate toxins and bring back the energy into the cells. Guinot also has a specialised massage, which specifically helps oxygenation of the skin; the Guinot serum used for the massage contains more than 16 concentrated radiants including hydration and a firming component which are all part of the process of firming the skin and working on the cell rejuvenation.

The Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment is a deep treatment that allows the skin to be deeply cleansed and provides deep hydration of the skin as well as a treatment of a skin dysfunction by pushing the molecules into the skin in order to obtain a faster result.

Question: How often would you suggest a client receives this treatment?

Sandrine Carliez: Once a week if you really have a large dysfunction or something to treat otherwise once a month.

Question: The Guinot Double Ionisation Treatment is a professional treatment, what education does a beauty therapist receive?

Sandrine Carliez: They need to be thoroughly trained and before they begin using the brand in their salons they have to have five solid days of training and then they are able to use the products. We also go to the salon to check if the products and protocol is respected. We conduct regular training where the beautician has to come in, to be trained. Guinot takes their training seriously and believes it is very important because it is a part of the success of the results. When we have a beautician who does not want to come for training, even if they work with the brand for two or three years, we will close the account because the protocol is not followed. No matter if you are in Japan, Paris or Melbourne the treatment has to be exactly the same, that is something important for Guinot, storewide.

Interview by Brooke Hunter