Rowena Corner Store in Richmond Turns 60

Rowena Corner Store, a Richmond icon of delicious food, great coffee and sensational milkshakes, is celebrating her 60th birthday on Saturday November 26th with a special -footpath fiesta' - and you're invited.


As one of Richmond's longest running businesses Rowena Corner Store stands proudly as a story of survival, reinvention and reinvigoration. In 1956, whilst Melbourne geared up as the home of the Olympics, Rowena opened her doors to a bustling suburb of industry and immigrants. Joining a local strip of two milk bars, a green grocer, a butcher, a dry cleaner and various other stores, the Rowena Corner Store became the central hub of a village square, servicing the local community with everyday items such as food, lollies & milkshakes. She welcomed kids on their way to school, parents seeking lunch for work, and footy crowds looking for half-time snacks and drinks.


With surrounding shops disappearing under the retail monoculture of the 80's & 90's, Rowena stayed firm – but a little worse for wear. By 2000, after almost half a century of service the old girl was in need of some serious TLC. A ground-up renovation and the modern era of the store began. Whilst holding true to its milkbar roots the new Rowena - under the guidance of current owner Con Coustas – focused on wholesome fare, quickly becoming a favourite food destination amongst locals and visitors alike.



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