Rose Smith Dream Decoding Interview

Rose Smith Dream Decoding Interview

Why Dying In Your Dreams Isn't As Bad As You May Think

Plunging to a horrible death in a dream or nightmare doesn't mean you are destined to depart the earth any time soon in real life according to one of Australia's leading spiritual advisers.

Rose Smith runs Absolute Soul Secrets the largest psychic and spiritual network in the southern hemisphere and says experiencing death in a dream can mean a life changing event is on the way.

"If you die in a dream it means the death of your current identity, so whether that's the end of a job or relationship, it's about re-birth or re-creation rather than the finality of death," Ms Smith said.

"Dreams of experiencing your own death usually means that big changes are ahead for you."

"You are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind."

"Despite the initial fear factor associated with nightmares or dreams of that nature, they can prove to be quite beneficial in terms of personal growth if you can come to terms with what it means."

"It comes down to interpretation and what the dream or nightmare means for you in that moment."

"The unconscious communicates through dreams, often in the form of symbols. It talks in a similar way to a foreign language, one that must be learnt in order to understand messages from Spirit."

"You need to sleep so that you can dream."

"The purpose of dreaming is to process emotional contents from the past. These emotional residues can also be lodged in the body at a cellular level and can cause ill health in the future, if they are not properly processed. Many of us need more quality sleep in order to do this effectively."

"If you have had an abusive background, you need to sleep more than the average person to heal yourself of past trauma. Lack of dreaming is detrimental to physical, emotional and spiritual health."

Spiritual adviser Rose Smith says there are many common dreams and they all have meaning:
Death: The end of the world as you are currently experiencing it
Broken teeth: Signals a developmental period throughout your life
Sex: You are taking on the energy of the person you are with
Being Naked: You may be feeling insecure in a certain situation
Flying: Transcending the physical world into the spiritual world

"I set up my business based on a dream I had many years ago, but it wasn't something I was able to recognise immediately, sometimes it takes a little while to work out the true meaning of a dream."

"Dreams can be a treasure trove of information about you, so it depends how you wish to interpret them and how you decide to connect the meaning to your everyday life."

"If you are experiencing a recurring dream or nightmare, it means you are not getting the true message of that particular dream, so your unconscious repeats the dream in various forms to try and get through to you."

"Depending on the person's willingness to let go of a situation it's not uncommon for some people to experience the same dream or nightmare over and over for many years."

"Keeping a journal can help you work out the meaning behind your experiences within a dream."

"You can remember your dreams more easily, if you don't move your body the second you wake."

"Stay in the feeling of the dream and don't open your eyes."

"As you are going to sleep, you can also mentally program yourself to remember your dreams by simply repeating an affirmation such 'in the morning I remember my dreams clearly'."

"As you fall asleep, try doing this in the space where you are neither awake nor asleep. This is the zone where you are very comfortable and nearly asleep, but still consciously alert"

Interview with Rose Smith

Rose has been running the Absolute Soul Secrets network of psychics throughout Australia and overseas for the past 18 years. Prior to that she worked as a counselor in a local women's health centre and taught ethics and counseling at Southern Cross University. Rose recently completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Canberra.

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Question: In short, what does dying in our dreams mean for our real life?

Rose Smith: Dying in dreams relates to the ego which is part of someone's personality. It's our current awareness of who we are at the moment in these current circumstances and based upon our history and past experiences. When we dream of death, it means that part of our consciousness will die, not usually our physical body. It's a normal stage of psychological development and can occur at key points of a person's life e.g. getting married, having a baby, starting a new business. We will transform as we go through something really big.

Question: What is the significance of reoccurring dreams?

Rose Smith: Reoccurring dreams happen when the person does not understand what their subconscious is trying to tell them. All dreams are messages from the unconscious and they are often (but not always) symbolic. The symbols impart layering of emotions and meaning and sometimes we just don't get it. So they keep on reoccurring, often in slight variations until we can figure out or the situation passes.

Question: What does it mean if we don't regularly dream?

Rose Smith: Everyone dreams, sometimes people just don't remember. During WWII experiments were done whereby prisoners were woken up just as they started to dream... they all went insane. It is not sleep deprivation that necessarily sends people crazy but lack of dreaming which processes emotional contents from the past. Some tips to remember your dreams include:

a. not moving a muscle when you wake up, not even opening your eyes;
b. stay with the feeling of the dream and see what happens;
c. as soon as you have the dream in your head again, record it into your phone or write it down;
d. program yourself as you are falling asleep by saying positive affirmations like "I always remember my dreams", "I understand and trust my dreams", "my dreams are here to help me". Send these thoughts out into Universe as you are falling asleep.

Question: Are dreams more symbolic or literal?

Rose Smith: Mostly dreams are symbolic, unless you have psychic ability and in that case they maybe prophetic. I often have dreams for the next day, telling me things which are usually just day to day type things. But occasionally there is something very significant and I pay attention to that and act on that. Symbolism is a type of language that dreamers need to learn to understand in order to understand the deeper message. There are some universal symbols or 'archetypes' for example tidal waves, which basically mean the person is going to be overwhelmed by something and there could be tears. These symbols or archetypes are sitting in the collective unconscious of humanity and they affect lots of people. Earthquakes, fire, tidal waves...these have the same meaning regardless of time or culture...there's a time to destruction to make way for new beginnings and new life. Dreaming of earthquakes can also point to an issue with the physical body (because the Earth is our body).

Question: What does it mean if we have an upsetting dream however we know we're happy in our real lives?

Rose Smith: We may be relatively happy in our lives and still have upsetting dreams or even nightmares. These relate to energies in our subconscious so we might not be aware there is even a problem. The problem is outside the confines of the mind. But we have these dreams to point us in the direction of the problem so we can resolve the issues. It might be something like a family issue from the past and we're living away somewhere when our parents come to visit....this is just one example.

Question: Is there always a potential for dreams to give us any insight into the future?

Rose Smith: Absolutely. Many people have latent psychic ability and they just haven't pursued it because they're not ready, or they might be afraid. Always pay attention to your dreams. A few months ago, I dreamt of the Grim Reaper at the foot of my bed for 3 nights in a row, so I wouldn't leave the house. On the 4th day when I woke up I hadn't dreamt of the Reaper so I decided I could go out that day finally. Anyway, my husband was driving our car when a car came around a bend and was in our lane, it was nearly a head on collision but my husband steered our car into the verge so we didn't hit. I believe the Grim Reaper was trying to warn me, if I had of gone out on the days he appeared, we would not have been so lucky.

Question: What inspired you to learn what our dreams really mean?

Rose Smith: I've always been interested in my dreams. When I was 2 years old I was having lots of nightmares and it took me a few decades to work out what they meant. I've always been interested in the psychic arts and metaphysical realms, so it's just natural for me to be interested in dreams. Dreams are just an altered state of consciousness. I'm quite used to that... I'm a psychic.

Question: How can we learn to interpret our own dreams?

Rose Smith: Interpreting dreams takes time and effort as everyone's language can be slightly different. The language can also change at different stages of life e.g. pregnancy and menopause. Write the dream down and underline the main elements of the dream. Then imagine you are talking to those elements and find out what information they would like to share. You can try automatic writing. Use 2 pens - a red and a black one and sticky tape them together. With the black pen, write your question e.g. "How long have you been in my life" and then turn the pens so you can write with the red one. Wait for the answer and don't judge. Whatever comes...comes. You might not understand the answer immediately but write everything down and you can go back later on and reread it.

Question: How can we remember our dreams (often by the time we're awake we've already forgotten)?

Rose Smith: We need to allow time to understand our dreams. Best to program yourself as you fall asleep to wake up naturally say 20 minutes before you have to. When you wake up, don't move a muscle. Try and 're-enter' the dream by feeling all the feelings. The emotion is the key to getting you back into the dream. You might then get a flash of a picture, so concentrate on anything that comes. When you have that firmly in your mind then you can record your impressions. Don't start fiddling with devices or talk to anyone or you might forget. Don't get distracted, record the dream immediately you get up after you have it firmly in your head.

Question: Is there a way we can fall asleep to ensure we will dream?

Rose Smith: Best not take any drugs or alcohol. Fall asleep naturally (sometimes a hot bath with bicarb soda and magnesium can help). We will definitely dream, it's the remembering that is the key thing. We have to set an intention to remember and keep our minds and hearts open. Sometimes the answers we seek don't appear in the way we think they should so they get misunderstood.

Interview by Brooke Hunter