Rodial Crash Diet Gel

Rodial Crash Diet Gel

Rodial Crash Diet Gel™

Rodial Crash Diet™ gel is a revolutionary formula that helps break the stubborn fat build up by promoting drainage, helping reduce the fluid retention in the body.

Rodial crash diet™ gel is best used in conjunction with crash diet. STICKS and crash diet. SMOOTHIE for optimum weight loss results.

Active Ingredients

- Elderberry osmotic gel works to reduce interstitial water retention in the hypodermal adipose tissue by favouring drainage/diuretic effect and de-swellingwith long tern restructuration of the tissues.

- Genistein (Soy Isoflavone), Spirulina, Caffeine and Carnitine complex is an anti-cellulite blend that helps to reduce the adipose tissue, stimulate lyposisand increase skin firmness.

- Decapeptide stimulates dissipation of food energy as heat over fat storage by modulating energy expenditure and stimulating lipogenesis.

Clinical Results

- Cellulite is reduced by up to 32% in 6 weeks.
- Thigh/buttock gerth is reduced by up to 3.8cm in 6 weeks.
- Skin firmness is improved by up to 60% in 6 weeks.
- Decrease of the adipose layer and water retention reaching up to 12% in 6 weeks.

Directions for use

Apply crash diet. gel to targeted areas such as thighs, buttocks and legs and work the gel into the skin until it dissolves. Apply twice a day for 2-6 weeks.

Rodial Crash Diet™ Gel
Price: $90, 150ml
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