Reclaim your Femininity through the Moon and Menstrual Cycle

Reclaim your Femininity through the Moon and Menstrual Cycle

-By Jane Anderson of Moon and Earth Connections

Until Patriarchy decided witches were evil and herbalism was blasphemy, women and men lived in harmony with the earth. They used the moon as a measurer of time and a guide to when they should plant certain crops, when they should harvest and when they should allow the soil to rest. The moon was considered feminine, her true face being dark and cold, as we only see the moon when the sun is reflected off her. Darkness is the place where things begin. In the womb, under the soil, within and egg, within a pouch…Unfortunetly our psyches have been bombarded with negative images of the dark. Monsters under the bed and wicked witches. Night is no longer night, we disguise it with millions of artificial lights, to protect ourselves from its 'harmful" blackness. No wonder the Feminine is feeling neglected, useless, confused, depressed, zost….however, deep down in our inner core, there is a tiny, but powerful piece of all of us crying to be heard. It is the dark Goddess within all of us, prompting us to remember the connection to the Moon, to cycles of nature, to harmony. At the moment the masculine energies on our beloved Mother Earth (at least we are still allowed to call her Mother) are overriding the Feminine, this has created disharmony, wars, famine, disease, violence……And a feeling of hopelessness amongst many of our beloved brothers and sisters.

'The Mythical dark Goddess continues to live on in each one of us today.
We can find her presence in our physical bodies and in the forces of our personality that guide
us into the darkness wherein we can find the seeds for our renewal.
How can we recognise her in our minds? Hidden behind her dark veil,
she is mysterious and elusive…Over the course of the days, months and years of our lives
she periodically appears for as surely as the moon cycles through her phases…
discovering the workings of the dark Goddess is through exploring the female sexual cycle, which is regulated by the …lunar cycle."
-pg. 201 Mysteries of the Dark Moon, 1991, by Demetra George

When Patriarchy arrived, women are bleeding and bodies became a curse. So now, modern women and men no longer see or honour the fact that women bleed, it is hidden. Women are supposed to carry on in their day-to-day lives as if nothing is happening. They are expected to act like men….This creates disharmony. The dark moon phase, 3 days a month when we can not see the moon in our nights sky, was once considered a blessing. In traditional Native American culture, women gathered together in their special moon lodges, and menstruated all together. They were allowed 4 days a month to rest, meditate, heal, let go of the unwanted, celebrate womanhood. They were considered very powerful and they were expected to vision for the whole tribe, helping the Elders with decision making and foresight into the future. They were waited on hand and foot, they definitely didn't have to cook and their children were cared for by the tribe.

This was honouring the feminine. This gave women a purpose. This gave men an understanding and respect for women and the earth.
Because of their natural life styles, women bled in tune with the moon. Their bodies not altered by artificial light, chemical contraceptives or unhealthy diet. Their psyches not damaged by years of mistreatment and negative connotations (whore, slut, hag, wicked witch, old crone, cunt, weak, pale, dismissive…). Unable to vote, escorted at night, sexual activity restricted for procreation only…

The moon correlates to the 3 phases of a women's life. (1) The New Moon: menarche {a girls first period} (2) The Full Moon: pregnancy, birth and nursing (3) The Dark Moon: menopause, old age, wisdom On a monthly scale: The Full Moon correlating with ovulation, and the Dark Moon correlating with menstruation. In native cultures the full moon is said to be the best time for singing, dancing, and making babies! The dark moon a time for rest, healing, letting go (physically with the bleeding and also psychologically releasing unwanted baggage).

'The moon and women have an ancient pact. We draw our magical power from the moon.
We draw our knowledge of agriculture from the moon. We created culture centred around the moon and prosperity. We have moons in our bodies{ovaries}. Sixty percent of childbirths start during…the night.
If you plant your garden by the moon…your garden looks better and the crops come up right.
You harvest keeps dry if you gather it on a full moon… our connection to the moon was so close that in ancient times every move in our lives was planned according to the moon, and everybody new what moon it was. It was like today's media – all pervasive, dominant and opinion forming.
The moon was there as our special guide, through harvest and beauty care, baby making, and merry making."
-pg.12 Grandmother Moon, Harper Collins 1991, by Z.E. Budapest

So, how do we as modern women reclaim our femininity? How can we reshape our piece in this puzzle of life? Are we brave enough to design another picture of the world we are in? Are we willing to take the time to heal our selves, by honouring our monthly cycle and having a day off work, or getting grandma or a good friend to help with the children? The only reason Crazy Women arrives once a month is because we are not honouring our bodies, we are not stopping. This pain and discomfort many women experience during menstruation is our dark Goddess kicking up a stink because we have forgotten her, we are still out in the light running around like good little sheep! Stop feeling guilty if you miss a day off work, the world will not end in 24 hours. Do not cook dinner for any one, gently demand some pampering! Have a bath, stay in bed, ask for help. Your children will benefit, you will benefit, your workplace will benefit. Better that you had a day off, than being non-productive at work. Mother Earth is a feminine planet, she needs your help. She is under much stress, she needs women to return to their moon lodges, she needs women to feed her with their menstrual blood. Your monthly bleeding holds the key to healing, renewal and new beginnings on a planetary scale. I am not joking!

'Some of you don't like the idea that you are women. When your bleeding occurs you find it unpleasant, uncomfortable, painful and inconvenient time. Men often have no idea what goes on so it is a difficult time for them as well…If you are not interested in the Goddess energy and the mysteries of the blood, we will say to you that you will miss an integral part of life and will not understand what is occurring on the planet. If it turns you off, or you think it is irrelevant you are completely missing the point…
What you need to completely and totally as men and women, is honour the goddess vibration that comes through your hearts and helps your heart open."
(Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, by Barbara Harciniak, 1995)

You may ask: "How can I return my menstrual blood to the earth?" I would suggest you start using washable re-usable menstrual products. Cotton cloth pads that are soaked in water after use, then washed in your machine and hung out to dry! Yes, back to the old ways, I can reassure you the "rags" of the old days are long gone, and there are many modern versions of the washable menstrual pad (**see links at end of article). The bucket of water you soak your washable pads in is the key, this bloodied water is your chance to give back to the earth. Within this life blood is nutrients magic and healing power. Mother earth needs your help, she needs you to remember who you are. Woman, bleeding, life giver, nurturer, Goddess!

Men, please help encourage your daughters, wives and girlfriends to honour them selves. Allow them the time out, a day off from cooking, a day off from child care. Please be supportive, wake up to the reality of our feminine planet. It is very obvious there needs to be change, we can all help by starting now. Reclaim your femininity through the moon and menstrual cycle!

Jane Anderson has with great passion been working with the energies of the Moon and Earth For over 10 years. She facilitates retreats and workshops for men and women.

She offers: New Moon Women's Circle: Gathering on a dark moon women are invited to sit in sacred circle, to connect with the dark moon healing energy, to talk, to listen. Women are guided though meditations for self discovery and renewal. Jane specialises in shamanic drumming and singing, using the medicine drum as a powerful healing tool. The drumming connects women to the earth energies and their own hearts. This is a free event.

Women's Moon Retreats: A two day journey for women and girls, learn how to connect with the cycles of the moon and your menstrual cycle. Sit is Sacred Circle, sing, drum, chant, relax to guided meditations. Be nurtured, and remember you essence….

Ceremony: Jane offers shamanic ceremonies for the individual and families. Ceremonies for Menarche (a girls first period, a very important time to honour and celebrate your daughter) .Ceremonies for Menopause, a time in a woman's life when she must be acknowledged for this new phase in her life.

Blessing Way Ceremonies for the unborn, blessing the life to be, the mother and the birth.
Jane also offers 1 hour healing sessions using: drum healing, colour therapy and chakra balancing

To contact Jane @ Moon and Earth Connections: or 0428 402314