10 things you need to know before getting breast implants

10 things you need to know before getting breast implants

10 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Breast Implants

Australia's triple qualified, leading cosmetic surgeon shares everything you need to know about breast augmentation.

Dr Ross Farhadieh is a world renowned Australian cosmetic surgeon. He has qualified in Australia, the UK and in Europe.

He shares his 10 expert tips for women considering getting breast augmentation.

What to look for when you are considering a breast augmentation

1) Define your goals list exactly what you would like to improve in your breasts
2) Do your homework read around the subject, learn the lingo, dual plane, submuscular pocket, saline vs silicone, smooth vs textured, anatomical vs round and the list goes on
3) Find your surgeon, don't be fooled by gimmicks, make sure they are a qualified plastic surgeon, ideally with cosmetic surgery subspecialty training, check out their areas of interest, publications and their results
4) Go to the consultation with an open mind, listen make sure that you feel comfortable and that you are given information including the potential downsides to the surgery.
5) Make sure you can establish a rapport and feel confident in your surgeon, after all your body is your only permanent asset in life
6) Ask your surgeon where they operate, ensure it is a hospital or accredited facility do they have a qualified anaesthetist. Both are vital in choosing your surgeon.
7) Ask about their implant's manufacturer, warranties, and sizing estimation
8) Ask to see some of their results and how they would treat their complications
9) Take your time and think about it If you have any questions call back, most are happy to reply to email or have another consultation.
10) Make sure you are confident in your choices, and good luck