Raclette Igloo Experience & melted cheese extravaganza

Raclette Igloo Experience & melted cheese extravaganza

The highly anticipated Raclette Igloo Experience is coming to Sydney after deliciously successful sell-out events in Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide seeing over 45000 people enjoying the experience the Raclette igloo is about to transform the rooftop of the Broadway shopping centre into a French alpine winter wonderland with fire pits and snow falling on the skyline of Sydney. 


Cooler nights are coming to Sydney in July, it is a perfect opportunity to gather with friends and family in a private igloo, feast on Raclette cheese, sip on wine, including the hot mulled kind, and enjoy your very own fire pit with marshmallows.


In a city known for its love of exceptional food and wine experiences, Sydney's cheese-lovers can now book for this unique and immersive culinary experience, with tickets on sale from today.





Coming for a month of Raclette melted cheese extravaganza, this unmissable winter dining experience will take over Broadway Shopping Center Rooftop in Sydney from 29th of June to 28th July 2024.


Raclette arrives in Sydney straight from the French Alpine regions for guests to experience the authentic flavours of this ever popular cheese-based winter dish. Raclette is, in fact, the best-selling cheese in France. This hearty meal is typically enjoyed during the colder months, when the warmth and comfort of melted cheese are most welcome.

On the table will be up to 2 kilos of Raclette cheese and a selection of four exquisite cured meats. The cheese is dished up with boiled potatoes, pickled onions, and cornichons, all served family-style.


To complement the meal, each guest is given a glass of mulled wine (alcoholic or alcohol-free), a match made in heaven to fully enjoy a Raclette dish. Inside the igloo is an equipped mini bar with a selection of French wines (for an additional cost) that pair perfectly with the dish. For those who prefer something lighter, a selection of soft drinks, including still and sparkling water and sodas is available.


Vincent Hernandez – event director says - "Raclette isn't just a meal – it's a French tradition of sharing, laughter, and indulgence. Some of my best memories are gathering around the Raclette grill with my friends and family, savouring the delicious flavours and enjoying each other's company. At the Igloo Raclette experience, we bring that same warmth and joy to Sydney, allowing people to create unforgettable memories together while indulging in lots of cheese." 


You can book an igloo for a party of 6 or 8 people.


Website:   https://racletteiglooexperience.com.au 

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/racletteigloo 

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/racletteigloo




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