RACINNE to deliver game‐changing beauty solutions utilising nature‐derived technology!

After seven years of dedicated research, global cosmetic brand RACINNE makes its Australian debut, introducing two new ranges for women, Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series and Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series.

The new ranges boast an advanced biotechnology formula, known as 'Callus Cultivation Technology" providing nourishment, hydration and protection to skin. Discovered by the Canadian‐born brand in collaboration with world-leading Korean skin care laboratories, the formula which is a few years ahead of the western world's plant stem cell technology, is known to improve the capability of the skins cells ability to survive and reproduce.

Key active ingredients in the ranges such as snow lotus within the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series and grape callus culture extract within Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series, are clinically proven to promote the skin's natural defence system, strengthening skin cells' capacity to retain moisture whilst preventing signs of aging.

Jennifer Gerace, Business Development Manager for RACINNE International says, 'The new ranges penetrate to the deepest layers of skin improving dull, dehydrated and aged skin, which is a common side effect of a naturally warmer climate such as in Australia."

'RACINNE is redefining the beauty category with its vanguard scientific research, and its formulation of cutting-edge products, offering the most advanced active ingredients," Gerace said.

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series – for women 30+:
Combines precious snow lotus extract together with RACINNE's effective whitening formula, vitamin B3 – penetrating deep into the core of the skin cells to facilitate self-revitalisation and regenerating offering natural UV and free radical protection. The range is known to correct enlarged pores, balance oil distribution, and reduce dark spots to reveal brightened, flawless skin.

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Boost $42
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream $50
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Masque $37
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Concentrate $51
Ultimate Aqua Blanc Tonic $31

Ultimate Hydra Perfection – for women of all ages:
RACINNE has created a powerful antioxidant formula from highly refined and mature grape plant extracts offering natural UV and free radical protection, along with other effective ingredients. The natural antioxidants repair skin damaged by the harsh environment, facilitate skin regeneration and hydrate and lock in cell nutrients – providing an instant youthful and radiant glow. The range is also popular with those travelling in a controlled air environment lacking humidity, as it provides superior moisture.

Advanced Luminous Gel $41
Contour Brightening Eye Care $26
Essential Lift Supplement Serum $49
Gentle Cleansing Foam $24
Gentle Refining Scrub $24
Optimal Fortifying Emulsion $39
Ultimate Defense Illuminating Cream $44

In its constant pursuit of research and development, RACINNE hopes to extend its current offering and introduce additional ranges to the Australian market in the forthcoming months.

The Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series and Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series are now available online at www.racinne.com.au