Pola Aglaira

Pola Aglaira

Pola Aglaira

When it comes to your skin, firmness and hydration go hand in hand. Inspired by the Greek Goddess Aglaia (the shining one), Pola Aglaira builds a healthy, fully hydrated stratum corneum that retains moisture; thus firming and enhancing your skin's radiance.

Aglaira's unique Dual-Acting Moisturising Approach delivers both (a) instant moisture- providing complete hydration in the stratum corneum; and (b) deep moisture- creating the foundation for skin to remain supple and fully moisturised all day long.

This Dual-Acting Moisturising Approach is achieved thanks to the Moisture Ceramide Capsule, where Aglaira's complex moisturising ingredients are nano-encapsulated to instantly be absorbed by every area of the stratum corneum.

The surface of the Moisture Ceramide Capsule is formed of nano-encapsulated Ceramides, delivering instant moisture which creates even firmness.

The inner layer of the capsule contains TJ Complex, which strengthens the functions of the tight junction (floodgate between cells) in the stratum glanulosum (the living cells). This locks the naturally produced moisture and calcium ion (substance that fosters healthy, hydrated statum corneum) inside the skin and prevents them from escaping.

POLA Aglaira is ideal for the woman in her mid 20s to mid 30s who is beginning to experience ageing concerns, and follows a 5-step approach:

1.Cleansing Cream- transforms into an oil to thoroughly remove makeup and leave skin soft. Moist Softener softens the stratum corneum, while three designated oils completely remove dirt. Melty Clear Oil is a cleansing oil with a superior ability to capture and dissolve oil in pores, while Quick Catch Oil quickly lifts and mixes with grime, and Float Up Oil is brilliant at lifting up dirt.
RRP $62

2.Foaming Face Wash - a lather that leaves skin soft and clean, while simultaneously providing moisture. Contains Moist Softener, while Water Holding Polymer is highly effective in retaining moisture.
RRP $62

3.Hydro Lift Lotion - with generous quantities of moisturing ingredients, the skin firms instantly when applied. Moist Net Polymer provides intense moisture and leaves skin feeling silky smooth, with no stickiness. Ceramides exist naturally in the stratum corneum and play an important role in moisture retention. Typically, when formulated in a lotion they sit on the skin surface due to low water-solubility. POLA has successes in encapsulating the Ceramide to 1/20 of their normal size. This has resulted in a lotion with a higher density of Ceramide than ever before.

4.Hydro Lift Milk - is thoroughly absorbed by skin to provide suppleness and radiance, without stickiness thanks to Moist Net Polmer.

5.Hydro Lift Cream - floods the skin with moisture, creating soft and firm skin. Moisture is locked in to ensure long lasting benefits. Contains the highest concentration of Moisture Ceramide Capsules of all 5 Aglaira products. Also contains Moist Net Polymer.

POLA is available at leading beauty salons nationally, and online at www.polacosmetics.com.au

POLA is a multi-award winning Japanese skincare and cosmetic company recognised internationally as a world leader in Research and Development. POLA was founded by Japanese businessman Mr. Shinobu Suzuki in 1929 and remains family run to this day.