Penance Trailer

Penance Trailer

Loss. Lust. Lies.

In this sexy new psychological thriller, the lives of grieving mother Rosalie (Julie Graham, Queens of Mystery, The Bletchley Circle) and her daughter, Maddie (Tallulah Greive, Cinderella), are changed forever when they meet Jed (Nico Mirallegro, My Mad Fat Diary, Upstairs Downstairs).

"Kept us on the edge off our seats and provided twists and turns we didn't see coming… Each episode was truly encapsulating" – The Sun

Rosalie Douglas has lost her son. Her marriage is falling apart. Her teenage daughter, Maddie, has gone off the rails, wracked with grief and an as-yet-unexplained guilt over her brother's death. Rosalie lives in a fog of grief and denial; she refuses to accept that Rob's death was an accident. The lives of the Douglas family are changed forever when they meet Jed, a beautiful, charismatic young man at bereavement counselling. A spark of hope for the future is rekindled within the household. But underneath, a deadly and morally corrupt triangle is taking shape...

This taut and tense three-part British mini-series also stars Neil Morrissey (Line of Duty, Men Behaving Badly, Striking Out) and Art Malik (Homeland, Cold Feet, Upstairs Downstairs).